a Taste of FEAST

It’s pretty delicious folks.  The newest New Children’s Museum exhibition is called FEAST; the art of playing with your food, and it opens this weekend.

I got a taste of it earlier in the week, and it is by far my favorite exhibit yet.


I can’t wait to bring the kids, but it won’t be on opening day, Sunday, October 13th, which happens to be the monthly free Sunday sponsored by Target.  I want to go on a quieter day so we can enjoy the “first course” of scratch and sniff bananas that line the rainbow bridge at the museum’s entrance.  We want to be there on a day when we can actually hear the rain in the rain house.


Banana-scented Rainbow Bridge

I want to sit and watch every one of the the hilarious Dinner TV videos with my kids.

I want to have the whole place to ourselves so we can be a one-family band in the  Sound Kitchen. Ok, that will never happen, but I think you get my point.

FEAST is a place to linger.  It’s not fast food meant to be consumed in a dining hall.  We’ll be there when we can spend as much time with as few people to really digest what is being offered because it is so, so wonderful.

I wish my kids were young enough for Wobbleland.  This space is specifically designed for ages four and younger, and it is magical.



I know where they will be spending lots of time


Oh, and there’s something new to paint.  It won’t look like this after opening day!

The new I Made This For You theme is just perfect for Mallory…


We’ll be there as a family in the next few months, so check back for a kid-influenced post.  In the meantime, mark your calendar for the October 13th grand opening, the October 26th Lil’ Monsters Night Out and the fall and winter camp schedule, which are all great reasons for planning your trip before the end of the year!



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