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One of our family’s all time favorite outings is to the theater.  Regular mom’s guide readers know that we particularly enjoy junior theater.  We may not live in LA, but there is a lot of star power right here in San Diego.  I LOVE exposing my children to the local youth talent because I want them to be inspired by young people who are achieving their dreams.

Last weekend we were treated to our favorite production yet, Shrek the Musical, presented by J* Company Youth Theater at the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center in UTC.  If your kids like Shrek, then this musical, featuring 72 cast members, is for you.  In addition to the fun story with witty banter that most of us are familiar with, this show features amazing singers, a live orchestra, including 4 youth members, and terrific costumes.

“Gingy” (my favorite) and the voice of Gingy posed with a thrilled Mallory.

There were three “Fionas” in the musical, a 7-year-old version, a teenage version, and movie-version who each had incredible singing voices.

“Dragon” on left was Mallory’s favorite and “Shrek” was Gage’s, although he was too shy to pose.


This is the last week to see Shrek the Musical.  Visit the J* Company box office to purchase $16 tickets for shows this Thursday, Saturday and Sunday only.  You will definitely get your money’s worth here, especially if you purchase season or 1/2 season tickets like we’re thinking of doing.


If you can’t  make it to the final week of Shrek, stay tuned because this is just the opening chapter of J* Company’s 21st Season, entitled “Once Upon a Time.”   Upcoming performances include The Little Mermaid, The Wizard of Oz and Disney’s Tarzan.


As we were meeting and greeting the actors after the show, Mal asked, “Can I start taking lessons and audition for The Little Mermaid?!”  That was the absolute first time she had ever shown interest in participating in theater after being an enthusiastic audience member of numerous performances.  J* Company does offer classes, workshops and even private lessons.  For a comprehensive list of San Diego-area youth theater companies and classes, visit the mom’s guide’s performing arts resource page here.


I’ll let you know when Mal is ready for her debut!

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