Feeling Un-Friendly

Six months ago I closed my lap top and wondered why I had just wasted time that I didn’t have wading through the endless photos, political rants, status updates and jokes delivered to me 24/7 courtesy of Facebook. Again.

Of course a stroll through FB can be fun, but I ALWAYS spend more time peeking at other people’s lives than I can really afford. A time suck, you might agree.

When my birthday rolled around I anticipated hundreds of messages, including from friends who I only seemed to hear from when FB reminded them to contact me. I decided to give myself the present of time. Just before my birthday, I deleted more than 500 “friends.”

I thought long and hard about announcing my departure from Facebook, but decided that it seemed too dramatic. I simply sat down and started to delete. And while I deleted I thought more than a few times, “Wow, I haven’t had any real connection to this person in more than 10 years.”

In an effort to simplify my life, I deleted neighbors, former co-workers, close friends and at least 20 people I didn’t know at all. (still not sure where they came from)

I kept family, business contacts, certain organizations/groups and the parents of my kids’ classmates. I figured any true deleted friend knew how to reach me outside of Facebook, and that has certainly been the case.

Limited social media time is exactly the behavior I want to model for my kids BEFORE they become teenagers with their heads bent over a device. If I don’t curb my screen time, how can I expect them to in the years to come?

Since reducing my involvement with Facebook many of my mom friends have decided to do the same. We’re all busy with things we cannot reduce or delete from our task-driven lives. For some of us it feels good to take a bit of control.

What about you? Have you thought about reducing the amount of social media in your life?

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