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It was just a little more than 2 months ago when I wrote about the super fun time Gage had at the Build It Workshop in Carlsbad. Yesterday I got word that they are closed after just one year in business.

We’re still feeling sad about the closing of Jungle Gym & Cafe and The Royal Fairytale, although, thankfully, the Royal Fairytale still offers mobile home parties.

And, while it’s great that the Living Coast Discovery Center managed to cobble together enough last minute donations to avoid closing at the end of October, it’s hard to say whether they and other small businesses can survive in this economy.

Our country has been in a recession for pretty much the entire life of The Mom’s Guide, which means in the past six years I have seen quite a few awesome family-friendly businesses come to an end. Who will be next, I wonder? I know it’s not a depression, but it is pretty depressing.

If you love a local business, tell your friends and family about it. Go there when you can.

Give gifts from your favorite boutique. Eat at your favorite restaurant. If you can afford it, schedule your child’s birthday party or camp at your neighborhood indoor play space or favorite museum. Consider buying a membership if one is available.

I am certain that many more of San Diego’s awesome kid-friendly businesses are suffering silently. One day you might show up with kids in tow and find that they’ve gone the way of Kidding Around Playground…

2 thoughts on “Out of Here

  1. Diana D says:

    Very Sad! Thanks to everyone who continue to support small businesses!

  2. hillary says:

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!! This makes me super sad!!!!!

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