Playgroup Buddies are the Best!

If one of the things you felt thankful for this past week is the love, support and friendship that your playgroup buddies give you, then this blog is for you.

Eight years later, I still treasure the meaningful friendships that grew from my original Parent Connection playgroup.

Some of my playgroup buddies…Kay’s the 1st to have baby #3!

We’ve decided that, in 2014, the mom’s guide is going to be all about honoring, rewarding and supporting San Diego playgroups. If you, the moms and kids you hang with on a regular basis would be interested in winning a playgroup party, listen up!

During the next twelve months, every registered San Diego playgroup will have the chance to win incredible in-home parties, fabulous field trips and memorable moments courtesy of San Diego’s best local businesses (and mom’s guide sponsors!).

Our 2014 prize list includes:

  • Character visits
  • Infant handprint keepsake events
  • Potty training workshops
  • Tea parties for your little princesses
  • Jump-fests (with jumpies delivered to your yard!)
  • Mommy & me music parties
  • And that’s just what we have planned for the kids. For moms, we’re giving away…

  • Free babysitting
  • Wine nights
  • Playgroup portraits
  • Spa parties
  • and more!

    If any of this sounds like the type of fun your group would like to have, then register your playgroup anytime for your chance to win. Here’s how:

    Email to your:

    1. Playgroup name
    2. Playgroup organizer’s name
    3. Organizer’s phone number and email address
    4. Approximate number of members
    5. Age-range of children in the group

    Each time a playgroup giveaway becomes available, captains will be notified and given the chance to enter to win. Each playgroup member can enter for one chance to win! Enter as many or as few giveaways as you’d like.

    Here’s some fine print:
    No purchase necessary. Unsubscribe from the group email at any time. Winners will be randomly selected. Prize packages are limited in quantity. Large playgroups may need to raffle tickets to certain attractions and opportunities. More details to follow each giveaway. Good luck!

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