Saying Good-Bye to Santa

I love, love, love that my kids “still believe.” I fear when they stop believing in Santa and in elves who fly around our house each night my life as a mom will feel profoundly different.

But, the time is coming.  This year Gage asked if Santa is real. When I asked if he wanted to believe in Santa he said,  “Yes, I want Santa to be real instead of my parents just lying to me.”

Last night Mallory asked, “Mom, what did you name your elf on the shelf when you were little?” Um, they weren’t invented yet. I was totally unprepared for that question.

I realize that it’s time to put together some meaningful answers in time for the questions that may come next Christmas.  For me, it seems the only way to say good-bye to Santa, is to say hello to St. Nicholas, the historical figure who inspired the stories of Santa and our Christmas traditions.

If my kids are as skeptical next year as they are this year, I’m going to reveal the true story of Santa by reading Saint Nicholas, The Real Story of the Christmas Legend.  I just ordered it and will let you know what I think.


I will also reveal that “playing” Santa and being a part of the magic and wonder of Christmas has been one of the best gifts I have received as a parent. I will tell them that I hope that they will do everything in their power to spread Christmas happiness to their children. The world can always use more of that.

I’m soaking in the joy of this Christmas season more than usual just in case it’s our last in this magical cocoon. I hope you are too.

2 thoughts on “Saying Good-Bye to Santa

  1. Jody says:

    We had one year where Aiden didn’t believe then the next couple years he did, and it was right around Mallory’s age…….I hope they still believe for a long time too…….Let me know if I can help………We are trying to keep Aiden believing but its getting harder…

  2. Erin says:

    I’m in the same place. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!

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