Is My Kid Normal?

I am not happy about it, but my 6-year-old son still wears these at night.


Unfortunately, I know at least three 8-year-olds who are also nighttime bed wetters, so this could be a problem for two more years minimum.   🙁

Although I’ve read a lot about it on my own and have surveyed lots of friends, I just have to ask a pediatrician for help.  How can a mom get her child who is potty trained during the day out of diapers/pull-ups/bedwetting underwear at night?


The Mom’s Guide is partnering with Children’s Physicians Medical Group to answer child health and developmental questions, starting with mine.


Pediatrician Whitney Edwards, M.D.: Being dry at night has very little to do with being toilet trained and typically is not behavioral. Like night terrors and sleep walking, prolonged bedwetting is generally a manifestation of deep sleep.(This is different from the situation in which a previously dry child begins to wet the bed again, which deserves an evaluation.)

20-30% of five to six year olds are still not dry at night. If your child is still wetting the bed at age six, or the bedwetting is causing problem in the family, discuss options with your pediatrician.


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