5 Ways to Support Your Child in Music Lessons


Thinking about signing your child up for music lessons? Excellent! Introducing your child to music at a young age has many benefits, including improved performance in school and strong development of lifelong skills like goal-setting and patience.

But how can you support your child, without seeming overbearing? How involved should you be? Here are some tips from TakeLessons.com:

1. Be enthusiastic about their interest in music! Ask questions about what they’re learning, including what they like and dislike, what their goals are, and what they think of their teacher.

2. Provide a suitable time and place for practicing. Keep everything (books, instrument, and accessories like a music stand and metronome) organized, and make it a positive space.

3. Find ways to positively reinforce habitual practicing. A practice chart, where your child can add a star on days that he or she practices, can be a great motivator. You might also consider offering a reward or treat once a certain number is reached.

4. Celebrate with your child when they accomplish a goal! Knowing how proud you are can be a fantastic motivator as they set their next goal.

5. Don’t rule out playing yourself! If you can’t sing or read music, select something that doesn’t require it.  Triangle, maracas, bongos – there are plenty of options that you can use to “jam” with your child. You might feel silly, but it can be a wonderful bonding experience!

With these tips, you can show your support and increase the likelihood of your child enjoying their lessons and continuing on. Happy learning!

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