Expanding Little Minds

It was the perfect compliment to Gage’s recent kindergarten class discussion of our solar system…getting the chance to view its largest planet, Jupiter, through a high powered telescope.


Last night we participated in the San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering‘s free Astronomy Night, and it was a great first festival experience for our family.  Professional and novice astronomers set up telescopes all around the county and invited families like yours and mine to see the stars (and planets) up close.

Not only did we get an awesome view of Jupiter, but we could clearly see four of its moons, as Mallory felt compelled to illustrate in the car ride home…

We all want our children to grow up interested in the world, curious about science and eager to learn. In our very brief astronomy night experience, which was literally just down the street from our home, the kids got excited about the universe, and I even felt inspired to learn more about space along with them.  Funny how something so simple can set ideas in motion. Greg and I agreed that it’s time to take a trip to the Palomar Observatory, one of the world’s most famous astronomical observatories right here in San Diego County.


Astronomy Night was sponsored by the RH Fleet Science Center.  Many other local museums and businesses are hosting special events meant to excite little minds.  Check out this list of activities happening during the week and this link for more information about EXPO day on Saturday, March 22nd.

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