Postcards from Paradise

a message to my kids

It was very hard to kiss you good-bye at 4:30 in the morning, and I thought about you all day as we traveled across the country to Puerto Rico for our first real vacation since becoming parents – a week sailing the British Virgin Islands.


I cursed Disney for killing off Elsa and Ana’s parents in the beginning of Frozen. While I tried to reassure you that crashed boats rarely happen, I kept to myself that plane crashes are much more frequent. Daddy and I put our will in order just in case.


We are on this trip with Olivia’s mom, Drew’s mom, Timmy’s mom, Sophie’s mom, and all us moms felt sad about leaving our babies even though we were so excited to be heading to paradise. The experts say it’s very important for a husband and wife to put each other first in order to have a strong marriage and happy family. We all agreed that we put our kids first.


By the time you two came along, being a mom felt like the only thing left to accomplish. I had traveled the world, had a great career and lived four blocks from the ocean.


When I became a mom I stopped working, stopped traveling, stopped spending money on myself and devoted everything to you. And, guess what? You became my new paradise. Being an“older mom”has been a real blessing. I can honestly say that being a wife and a mother is more fun than any trip I’ve ever taken and more rewarding than any promotion I ever received.


BUT . . .


I love having daddy all to myself these past 4 days. It feels like we are on our honeymoon.


I love that Nana and Pa have the chance to be a huge part of your life for 7 days. I think you’ll always remember the week they were your parents.


And I love that I am sailing around on a fabulous catamaran in turquoise blue waters with four sets of parents who feel just the way we do. Grateful for the chance to take this amazing trip, but even more grateful that we get to return home to kids like you!

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