“Sew” Inspired!


Now I remember why my favorite pair of linen pants were stashed away on a shelf in my closet.



How pathetic is it that I’m a grown woman who cannot easily mend her own family’s clothes? I didn’t take home economics in school, wasn’t taught how to sew by my mother, and have never made the time for learning as an adult. 🙁


I’m pretty sure they don’t even teach home ec in schools anymore, but that won’t stop my daughter from learning how to sew. We took the first step when one of our Girl Scout Troop moms agreed to lead an in-home sewing tutorial.

sewing with mal



mals pillow

Mallory enjoyed making her monogrammed pillow so much that she asked for her own sewing machine. Now it’s time for us to learn how to use it together at Sew Inspired in Encinitas.


Sew Inspired teaches both adults and children the home art (and in some ways the lost art) of creating fashion and home designs. I thought we’d start with needle and thread, but, no, it’s straight onto a machine. If you don’t have one to bring, they will lend you one for the class.


Owner Laura Prince says her style of teaching kid-friendly sewing methods and techniques makes the process fun and easy for kids ages 8 and older. She offers after school programs, Girl Scout events, summer and spring break camps and even sewing birthday parties where kids make their own pillows, messenger bags , sleeping bags and more. 


Check out these adorable Sew Inspired mermaid dolls…

sew inspired dolls

I’ve splurged on horse back riding, synchronized swimming and recycled art classes. Now I’m realizing that a practical class like how to mend or hem a pair of pants makes a lot of sense. We have five 18″ dolls in this house who would love new outfits!


Sew Inspired is located at 531Encinitas Blvd. Suite 105 in Encinitas. Call them at 760.908.7853 or visit sewinspired.biz for more information.

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