Flipping Out

Doesn’t it seem that a new trampoline park opens every few months? I guess the secret’s out — kids love to jump and flip.


We recently went to what might be considered one of San Diego’s “original” trampoline parks, Flip Force in Mira Mesa. The difference is that at Flip Force, kids not only feel the thrill of flying through the air, they receive instruction on how to do it properly and safely. The owners of the multi-sport competitive gym has been instructing children and adults for more than 20 years.

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Girl Scout Troop 6767 enjoyed a party there a few months ago, and an instructor was with us for the full 1 1/2 hours helping us warm up, teaching us technique and introducing us to all Flip Force has to offer. Moms even got in on the action, and it was a fantastic way to spend the day with our kids.


Jumping into the Foam Pit!

Jumping into the Foam Pit!

Moms love the foam pit too!

Moms love the foam pit too!

The girls even got the chance to learn a little about the art of cirque.




Flip Force offers a variety of classes like tumbling, cheerleading, cirque and Parkour, which is like ninja training. They have an open gym option each weekend and also offer camps throughout the year.

At $275 for 12 guests, pizza, drinks and 1 1/2 hours of instruction and fun, I think Flip Force offers one of the better birthday party values in town. There were no dull moments, everyone was able to participate, and we all learned a little something. I give them an A+ for our Girl Scout party!





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