Hugs from the Principal

school bus with rainbowDo you remember when you were learning to spell the words principle and principal? A school principal is a “PAL,” right?


School is back in session, and as I walked my kids into their elementary building last week, our incredible princiPAL was standing at the door hugging each and every child and most parents too. She does this as many times throughout the year as possible, which is almost every single school day. When she is not available, a teacher is there in her place.


When we were searching for an elementary school, hugs from the principal was not part of our checklist. That kind of care is just a bonus.

This week I will be working on the first annual Mom’s Guide to San Diego Schools e-book, and I’m looking for stories from real San Diego moms about how they came to select a school for their child. The idea is to help others understand the benefits of different types of education from home schooling to language immersion to private education and everything in between.


If you love your kids’ school and would be willing to share your story, please email me at

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