THE Most Awesome Holiday Giveaway Yet


Want to win a Disneyland Southern California Select annual pass? Follow me on the Close5 app for your chance!

What are you and your kids dreaming of this holiday season? If your gift wish includes anything currently listed in a San Diego area Black Friday ad, a night’s stay at the Legoland hotel, a 2014/2015 Seaworld Fun Card or a Disneyland Southern California Select Annual Passport, keep reading.

fun card image

The Seaworld Fun card is good for the rest of 2014 and all of 2015 plus comes with free parking through March. Win it this week!


Regular followers of the mom’s guide know that we give away lots of great gifts all year long. But thanks to Close5, San Diego’s newest free app that lets you buy, sell and trade locally, I am hosting the BEST CONTEST EVER and just in time for the holidays!

legoland hotel room

Legoland Hotel photo courtesy of Legoland. Win a night’s stay this week!


Entering to win your dream gift is pretty simple. Follow the steps below for your chance, then stay tuned to see if YOU are our winner. Any San Diegan who comments here with a wish, downloads the app and follows the mom’s guide on the app is eligible to win.


Ad from See anything here you want? Enter to win it!

Ad from See anything here you want? Enter to win it!

1. Since this contest is powered by Close5, a free iPhone and Android app powered by eBay, download the app and create a simple profile. For free!


2. Search the list of users and follow the Mom’s Guide to San Diego. You will find the “search users” function under your profile


3. Comment here with the gift you or your kids are hoping for this year. What you find under my Close5 profile are a few of the things we would love to win… a Disneyland annual pass, a stay at the Legoland Hotel, the Balboa Park Explorers Pass.


What are your best gift ever ideas???

122 thoughts on “THE Most Awesome Holiday Giveaway Yet

  1. Rebecca says:

    Disneyland annual passes would make our Christmas amazing

  2. Danine says:

    Disney would be amazing!

  3. Miriya smith says:

    We would Love the balboa explorer pass or disney pass! It would truly make our Christmas magical!!! My son would love either and as a family it would be amazing to make memories at any of those amazing spots!

  4. Kelly Messerole says:

    Disneyland Pass! Our kids are all about the Mouse!

  5. momsguide says:

    Ok just a last minute reminder to make sure you are following my mom’s guide san diego profile on Close5!! Good luck everyone 🙂

  6. Sally Walter says:

    Disney passes!!!!! I wanted to surprise my kids this year and take them but it’s so darn expensive! They’ve been such sweethearts this year too.

  7. Miriam says:

    We would love Disneyland passes. Thank you for the opportunity!

  8. Jessica says:

    Our family would love Disneyland passes. What an amazing idea and thank you for the opportunity

  9. jackie smith says:

    I wish for sea world passes or Balboa Park explorer.

  10. jackie smith says:

    My wish is to be able to take the kids to these places! I am a single mom with no child support so all my money pays the bills, no money for extras. Kids dont complain they understand but its going to be a bare Christmas this year for them. This would make a life long memory for my children!! I wish I wish I wish!!!

  11. Disneyland passes would be so amazing! Most of our extra funds go to our son’s treatments for his Cystic Fibrosis so a trip to Disney just isn’t in the budget…wow what a blessing annual passes would be for us as a family!

  12. Michele Martin says:

    Our family would be absolutely blown away by a single visit to Disneyland, let alone annual passes!! That would definitely be a great way to end a rough year. Just the thought of going brings a smile to my face. Thank you for offering such a generous gift! Whoever wins should definitely post photos because these options all sound like awesome family adventures.

  13. Tracy J says:

    Omg, the Disneyland annual pass would be such an amazing gift for my little ones. I would have to create an extra large scrapbook just so I can fill it with the treasured moments my family would be having throughout the year.

  14. Delissa Luansing says:

    My five year old is a Disney fanatic so Disneyland Annual Passports would be the best Christmas present ever!

  15. Disney passes would be amazing! My daughter so often wishes to go but it’s just not financially possible for us. What a gift that would be!

  16. Eriko T says:

    We would love Disneyland passes. We’ve been meaning to take my daughter there this year, but couldn’t due to my pregnancy. Now that a baby has arrived, we won’t be traveling to families this Christmas as we normally do. So if we get to win, that will make more than awesome gift for my daughter.

  17. Caroline murdock says:

    I would love to win any of these to surprise my 3 younger kiddos. My 7yr old is developmentally at an 8minth old age. He love lights and would love Christmas time at Disneyland. Legal and would be great for my two other boys. They’ve never been and they both asked for Lego sets for Christmas after spending over an hour in the fashion valley Lego store playing with Legos. They would seriously jump for joy!

  18. Virginia R says:

    We would be elated if we won the hote stay at the Legoland Hotel.
    Thank you!

  19. Rebecca Lujan says:

    Im sure my three year old would love any of these prizes. We will be going to Lego Land for his birthday so a night at the hotel would be awesome:)

  20. Ruth Mccallister says:

    I would love to win the LEGOLAND hotel night stay my daughters favorite theme park right now.

  21. Julianne Super says:

    Would looooooove to go to Disneyland as it would be out first time as a family of 4. My soon being 4.5 is an amazing age and would truly be ecstatic!

  22. Stephanie Berry says:

    Disney passes would be amazing! Merry Christmas!

  23. Aine Lutes says:

    Oh we would love to win a Legoland stay. It has been a hard few years so our kids have not had a chance to visit any paid CA attractions. What a Christmas gift that would be!

  24. Nhu Smaczniak says:

    We are wishing for a family trip to Disneyland this Christmas!

  25. Cristina Rodriguez says:

    Disney tickets please!!! Would love to take our kids on their first Disney trip!!!

  26. Isabel Buenavente says:

    I would love to take my grandson to Disneyland – he would enjoy it so much

  27. Elias Buenavente says:

    I haven’t been to Disneyland since I took my youngest daughters, who are now 27 years old, to Disneyland back when they were 10 years old. It would be great to visit again and see how much has changed

  28. Jennifer says:

    tough but great choices and so generous. I would be
    Happy with any of them. If I had to choose it would be..
    Ugh, tough choice, but Disneyland passes would be
    great. My husband has never been with our 7 yr old,
    Although he can’t ride much with him because of
    his heart condition, he just wants to walk around and
    see the 7 yr olds reaction to everything, and go
    On the way mellow rides. Thank you for this

  29. Brent Dumper says:

    Disneyland annual passes please!

  30. Elly Dumper says:

    We would enjoy the Disneyland annual passes!

  31. Brianna holland says:

    My family of 3 would LOOVE to try and win tickets to Disneyland . We have been trying to save to take our little girl for awhile now . It’s her biggest dream to go and hug the princesses . God bless and merry Christmas everyone !!

  32. What a great contest… We would be so grateful for any if these amazing prizes. But I know my kiddos would love the Disneyland or sea world pass

  33. Kelly Mortensen says:

    our dream is the Disneyland annual pass!

  34. Sandra Appling says:

    Great giveaway! I’m on a toss up between Disney or something from the Black Friday ad. Either would be amazing!

  35. Ryan Spicer says:

    We would love the stay at the Legoland Hotel!

  36. Melissa perez says:

    Disneyland getaway would be so awsome

  37. Heidi Peterson says:

    Disneyland Pass please:) Haven’t been in 1 0years due to the cost. My kids have never even seen the park:(

  38. I would like to win the Disneyland Resort pass♡
    We are a family of five and it’s been hard to visit Disney for more than a year now!

  39. Shawna enriquez says:

    Disneyland getaway please

  40. Brittany Foreman says:

    We would love to go to Disneyland!! Thanks

  41. BreenaStevens says:

    We would love to go to Disneyland. Thank you for having such a cool site.

  42. Jennifer Moser says:

    We would love the Disneyland pass. We try to go at least once a year, but it’s getting to be just too much for our family. Thanks!

  43. Christina L says:

    We would love the Legoland hotel stay!

  44. Marlee Stevens says:

    We would love to stay at Legoland Hotel!

  45. Stacie Bietz says:

    The Lego stay would be awesome!

  46. Ileana Brogan says:

    We would love the disney annual pass!

  47. Kelly Messerole says:

    Season passes to Disney would be amazing. Our kids love everything Disney.

  48. Would love that Disney annual pass! My kids would think I’m a rock star 🙂

  49. Laura B says:

    Dear Santa, the thing that we want most for Xmas is an iPad. Thanks!

  50. Ashley Marsh says:

    My family would really enjoy an annual pass to Disneyland. None of us have ever been so this would be a huge blessing to us all!

  51. Sarah Griffin says:

    My family would LOVE to win an Annual Pass to Disneyland! <3 Thank you for running such a great give away! 🙂

  52. Melanie May says:

    We would love a stay at the Lego Land hotel! We live in Fargo and have never been to CA! We could use a break from the cold! My youngest son is a Lego fanatic! He has a brain condition and cannot play contact sports; thankfully he loves building things! He is definitely a true Lego fan!

  53. Heather says:

    We would love the Disneyland pass!!

  54. Staci says:

    I would love the stay at Legoland!! We love it there!

  55. Marilyn Olson says:

    We would love the Legoland hotel or the Fisney pass

  56. Rachel Gilmore says:

    Our family would love stay at the legoland hotel or Balboa Park explorers pass!

  57. irma says:

    dear santa…my kids wish list is going to disneyland ,sea world , legoland we never been there for the buyet.. thanks for all the pepole the are becoming santas helpers..☺

  58. Devon F says:

    Disneyland annual pass would be ahhhhhmazing!! A night stay at the Legoland hotel would be fun too! Thanks for the chance!

  59. Miriya smith says:

    your page is awesome! Our family would LOVE the balboa explorer pass or disney pass!!! Thank you for running such a amazing contest!! 🙂

  60. Amber says:

    Would love the Disney pass!! Baby 3 is due today so that would be a great gift as well! Last year I gave my sisters and sister in laws boot socks, nail polish, and homemade foot scrub…used the kids’ footprints to decorate the gift bags with “mistle toes.” So cute!

  61. Michelle says:

    Disneyland annual pass!! Thanks for the contest!

  62. Danine says:

    Kids would love to go to Disneyland! Haven’t been yet.

  63. christina says:

    My kids would LOVE the disney pass. They have yet to go there, and they will have so much fun. I just downloaded the app. Thank you!

  64. Grace LaLicata says:

    A stay at the Legoland Hotel would be an amazing gift for my kids!

  65. A stay at Legoland Hotel would be awesome, my boys have been dying to stay there!

  66. Brandi Smith says:

    We would love the disney pass. It is a family tradition. Your page is awesome.

  67. Yazmin says:

    Me, moi, yo!!

  68. Alicia Granados says:

    My girls love staying in hotels so the Legoland Hotel stay would be a dream come true!

  69. Dena Stark says:

    Dear Santa, I have been very good this year and we would love. ..A new Xbox!

  70. Yolanda says:

    really would appreciate Disneyland pass and toys are us pass,the frozen toys and pad.Please pick us.Had. A rough year and need some happiness in our lives this year.Pick us

  71. Bree Davis says:

    Would love to win the Black Friday ad, Disney pass or the balboa pass!!!! What an awesome and generous giveaway!!!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!

  72. Dawn DeStefani says:

    The one gift our family would just be so excited and grateful for would be a stay at the Legoland hotel. We’ve been looking at the pictures and have been dreaming about it all year!!!

  73. MaryLou says:

    my 2 princesses would love anything to do with going to Disneyland!

  74. Ximena says:

    We would love to stay at Legoland Hotel or win Sea World passes! What a blessing!

  75. Anne N says:

    Our family would love to win annual passes to Disneyland!

  76. Adrianna Baker says:

    My kids would LOVE a Disneyland passport!

  77. Tracy Faris says:

    what family wouldn’t love Disneyland… Awesome prize!!!!

  78. Marcela says:

    Hi 🙂
    I would love to be able to take my daughter to Disneyland for the first time 🙂
    Also the Balboa Park explorers pass would be awsome!!! Either gift is great

  79. Katrina Tirona says:

    My blended family includes 5 of our beautiful children. Which makes family trips very hard to take being that everything would be expensive. We would LOVE the Disneyland passes. Thank u for providing the gifts to those in need, even if we don’t win.

  80. Sarah Roberts says:

    While Disneyland sounds amazing, really our wish list is convertible car seats for my twin boys.

  81. Amira Nour says:

    Disneyland passes or balboa park passes please

  82. Lorena says:

    My kids will be fascinated with this gift they love legoland

  83. Hola …
    Disneyland park Tickets or Legoland hotel stay … Would be the perfect way to celebrate the holidays with my family … Good look to everybody … And Feliz Navidad …

  84. Tina Smith says:

    My family is wishing for Disneyland passes.

  85. Brenda says:

    Disney pls pls pls

  86. Amy Ausderan says:

    I would love to suprise my son with any of these awesome gifts!!!! He loves disneyland, legoland and balboa park! Any of these gifts would be a blessing to our little family! Thanks for the opportunity!!! : )

  87. my son would love to take his first trip to Disneyland!

  88. Mary Wheeler says:

    We are wishing for the Disneyland passes. Our 6 & 8 y.o. daughters both have January birthdays and would flip over a trip to Disneyland, as we have only gone once before.

  89. My daughter would love a the Disneyland pass! Or the hotel stay at LegoLand!

  90. Danielle H says:

    Any would be wonderful!

  91. Solei Ochoa says:

    Disneyland! We’re hoping we can take our 4 kids for Christmas. It’ll be their first time for our 3 youngest ones 🙂

  92. Myra says:

    As a single mother for 9.5 years, nothing would be better than winning Disneyland annual passes for me and my son, we are Disneyland obsessed and would definitely LOVE an annual to go as much as we can! (:

  93. Anne says:

    Our family would love to win annual passes to Disneyland or Legoland!

  94. My son Loves anything Disney. He hasn’t been yet. We would love Disneyland passes. This has been a very rough year for our family. We finally got jobs again. This would be an awesome way to celebrate.

  95. anita parks says:

    Our family would love the Disneyland annual passes!!!

  96. NikkiWood says:

    Thank You!

  97. Amber says:

    My husband is getting ready to retire from the Navy. We would love the Disneyland passes to celebrate.

  98. linda says:

    Disneyland passes are the best gift ever!

  99. Jannika Baca says:

    My kids would love for us to finally make it to SeaWorld!

  100. Tasha Ford says:

    my daughter turns one in January so we have been asking our family for a disneyland annual pass so that we can take her throughout 2015 now that she will be old enough. What an amazing gift you’re giving. Fingers crossed!!!

  101. Maryann Peik says:

    I would love passes to Disneyland! What a great giveaway. I believe I followed you under Maryann Peik through the app. I favorited or “hearted” your items. Thanks!!

  102. Brettney says:

    My family of five would love To go to disneyland.
    As sour family of three grew quickly from three to five with twins
    We work a lot and some much family time would be amazing!
    Merry Christmas!

  103. Catie Griffith says:

    We would love to have Dad home from deployment this Christmas, but since that isn’t possible, the Disneyland pass for a post deployment trip would be amazing!

  104. Joyce says:

    Oh my gosh, what an amazing giveaway! You rock! Disneyland annual passes, night stay at LEGOLAND, Explorer Pass, Seq World Fun Cards would all be a huge hit – helps eliminate the clutter that builds up after the holidays and gets everyone out to enjoy San Diego and Southern California’s beautiful weather. Thanks for the great gift idea even if we don’t win.

  105. All of these are amazing options, how to choose just one?! And you, you are an amazing person or doing so many awesome giveaways!! My son’s bday is 9 days after Christmas and I was going to take him to Disneyland, so obviously those tickets would help this mama out! One income family with an extremely hard working hubby…this would be a true sigh of relief for us to not ‘have’ to work so hard for something for once!

  106. Jennifer says:

    We would love to support San Diego by using the Balboa Park Explorer’s Pass!

  107. We would love the Disneyland passes. The best gifts ever (IMO) are tickets to fun events and/or plays, etc. in the area!

  108. Lindsay says:

    i wish for a fun filled holiday with my healthy family.

  109. Josephine Milloy says:

    Disneyland annual pass would be amazing! My daughter would love a DocMcStffins mobile clinic and my son doesn’t really understand yet but could use a bike helmet or a new car seat.

  110. Yuly Santos says:

    As a military family and husband recently deployed we have no family to spend the holidays with . It’s been a tough few weeks and Trying to keep their minds busy has been a challenge. the Balboa park explorers pass would be so cool, the Legoland hotel stay would be amazing and the Disneyland annual pass would be a dream come true . Thank you for this opportunity , good luck everyone and Happy Holidays !!

  111. Carla says:

    We would love to be able to go to Disneyland! My girls (9 & 15) have never been. I just moved back to San Diego in July. My mom used to take me once a year when I was a child. As a struggling single mom, I have not been able to take the girls yet. Thank you!

  112. Michelle says:

    I would LOVE a Disneyland pass! I want to take my daughter for the very first time and would love to see her face when she experiences the fun!

  113. Jocelyn says:

    I would love to win the sea world pass for my family that will be a great Christmas present for all!!!

  114. Jamika says:

    We would love the disneyland passes!

  115. Maribel Guzman says:

    anything would be great, but if I could choose it be Legoland. My son has never been so I’m crossing fingers.

  116. LAura McNulty says: is this you??

    We would love the Disneyland or legoland passes 🙂

  117. Kim says:

    We would love to win a Disneyland annual pass!

    I don’t tend to buy a lot of “stuff” for the kids for holidays. Instead we do Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read.
    A Disneyland pass would keep true to our family in that we are doing the most important thing of all and that is spending quality time together and making memories to last a lifetime. <3

  118. Hannah says:

    We would also love the Disneyland trip! Would be my son’s first time ever.

  119. Irena says:

    Disneyland or Lagoland would be amazingly awesome to get! Thank you for this opportunity!:)

  120. Hannah says:

    A few snow boards so my kids and family can enjoy some snow time!

  121. Jorji says:

    my kids are hoping for their dad to come back from deployment for Christmas. <3

  122. Courtney Strillchuk says:

    Our family is hoping for a trip to Disneyland and an annual pass would be a dream come true!

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