Play Ball! Little League in San Diego

Little League season has officially begun! Gage has his tryouts this weekend, and we’re all excited for our 4th season as a Little League family. If you are interested in baseball for your son or daughter, now is the time to register


Before Little League I was the one who participated in every activity. Now Greg races from work to help with practices and games.

From the dads (and a few moms) who volunteer to coach, to the other family members who work the snack bar, keep score, plan the celebrations and happily sit together during weekly practices and games cheering their children, siblings, teammates – even opposing team players – for their progress, Little League is a family affair. 

Mallory & Greg working the snack shack. Free slushies for players after every game!

We became a baseball family when Gage joined Rolando Little League T-ball at age 4. Every league has teams divided by age group, and every kid will get a spot on a team. Little League is open to both boys and girls. For the past 2 years the best kid on our team was McKenzie, who could out hit, out run and out pitch everyone!

In 2014 the boundary rules for Little League were changed allowing families to choose a league that serves either their home or school community. For more information click here. If multiple teams come up in your search, and you are not sure which league is the appropriate one, click on the link for the District Administrator in your area, and he/she can help you identify the correct league that serves your area.


To find your neighborhood team enter your home or school address into the Little League Finder.


Team camaraderie warms the heart

Play ball!

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