Spring Cleaning Contest


We will all be setting our clocks up one hour this Saturday night. I do love to “spring forward,” but spring cleaning? Not so much. Even though I KNOW that the more I de-clutter and organize, the lighter, happier and less stressed I feel.

This is our toy closet, and I spy a several objects that are rarely touched anymore.



No, I’m not embarrassed to show you my messy closet because I know you probably have one too. 🙂  And you might be like me and acquiesce each time your child begs you not to donate or sell her beloved “treasures.”


I am disorganized because I hold on to too many outgrown clothes and unused toys. San Diego mom and home organizer, Beth Deig, says in her Sorted Nest blog that “Letting go of your children’s things can sometimes be the most daunting task of all.” AMEN


If, like me, you could use a little home organization, then don’t miss this week’s contest … one closet or room makeover by the Sorted Nest valued at $2,000!!!

Here’s how you enter for your chance to win:

1. Download the free and easy to use Close5 app

2. Post a photo of your messy closet or room to the Close5 Facebook Page here.

3.  Snag a FREE vendor space at the Family Swap Meet.

The Close5 Messy Closet Contest Winner will be randomly selected from the vendors selling at the Family Swap Meet and announced during the Swap Meet on Sunday, March 22nd.


Good luck & don’t forget to spring forward this weekend!


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