Teaching Your Kids to Be Safe

By now you probably heard of the attempted abduction of an elementary-aged child from her Solana Beach school campus. This was a total stranger who walked onto the campus during daytime hours and grabbed a child.


You can read the full details below, but I wanted to share with you that here in San Diego we have a wonderful company called Play It Safe Self Defense Strategies for Women and Children. My kids have attended two different self defense clinics with them in the past.


The City of La Mesa also hosts a free, quarterly “Kidz Watch Academy” safety programs for residents and children who attend school in the district.

Mal learning how to escape a stranger's grasp at her Play It Safe clinic

Mal learning how to escape a stranger’s grasp at her Play It Safe clinic

Be sure to check with these two organizations for some hands on instruction that will help you and your children feel better prepared for emergencies.  Play It Safe is sharing the following safety tips with mom’s guide readers…


1) Remind your children to NOT listen or talk to a stranger.
2) Keep more than 5-arm lengths from stranger or car.
3) Don’t walk alone and make sure they walk against the flow of traffic.
4) If grabbed, go to the ground kicking and screaming. Go “chihuahua crazy.” Noise attracts attention, and legs are a child’s strongest weapons!!!!!!


Here is the message from Dr. Lynch, Superintendent of Solana Beach School District:

This afternoon at approximately 3:25 pm, during student dismissal at Skyline, a man came on campus and attempted to abduct a 7-year-old female student. The child is safe and was not harmed. Staff members and parents witnessed the incident and responded quickly.

The man ran to his vehicle and fled. He was reported to be Caucasian, 45 years old, 6’ tall, brown hair carrying a baseball equipment bag and wearing a baseball jersey driving a black and silver Ford SUV.

If you have any information about the suspect, please call the sheriff’s department at 858-565-5200 or if you see a person matching this description, please call 911 and provide the description of the suspect, time and the location of the sighting.

We are vigilante about supervision while students are on campus. It is important that parents in coordination with staff report any suspicious behaviors they witness on and around campuses. We are thankful for the immediate action of the student and the adults in the vicinity.

Again, the child is safe. Be sure to discuss stranger danger with your children. We realize that this incident may be upsetting to families and children. Please let your principal know if your child would like to speak with our guidance assistant or counselor at school.
Thank you.


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