Getting Crafty at the Home Ec Studio

By Sarah Nguyen

Home ec studio window

Ten years ago, while my child-free self was an event planner with my friend Bryan, if I would have asked him to take a sewing class with me we both would have died laughing and spent our $50 on brunch and mimosas. While still a fan of the mimosa, my non-crafty self was recently drawn to the sewing machine. I recently turned 40, watch CBS Sunday Morning and am now driving around a minivan, so a sewing class seemed like the natural progression and nail in my old lady coffin. Stigmas be darned! And I was actually really excited to check out my first class with my buddy, who was willing to join me for the fun.

Home Ec Studio caught my eye because they have great Yelp reviews from happy, budding seamstresses. Friends had also told me this was THE place to learn. The shop is literally a tiny studio in the super cute South Park neighborhood. It’s a perfect place to enjoy a class and shop or have lunch afterwards. Reserving my class online was fast, street parking was easy on a weekend morning and they also provide sewing machines if you don’t have your own.

First let me show you my inspiration for this sewing adventure.

sunburst quilt

I saw this quilt over a year ago and it has been in my brain ever since. I decided, with our third bambino due this summer, that it was time to make this and maybe a few other blankets for the kids before I’m a sleep deprived looney bird. Is this quilt adorable, or what?

I emailed the studio and asked their opinion on the best way to tackle my dream project. “Machine Anatomy” was their class suggestion for starting out, then we could work on my specific project together through some private instruction. The husband, undoubtedly with visions of shirt mending and a domesticated wife, bought a sewing machine for me on Amazon, and off I went to class.

In the two-hour class, Bryan and I learned all about our machines, made this cute little potholder and left with inspiration to try bigger and better projects! Our teacher, Roselle, was very knowledgeable, fun and helped us feel confident in our newly acquired skills.

Potholder with Bryan

Then I spent an hour at a fabric store and came home and made this from a DIY pillowcase Pinterest link. I knew I was officially hooked and luckily, my two-year-old is not a perfectionist. He also has refused to even touch it screaming NO, NO, NO when I asked him to pose with it. He’s very thoughtful isn’t he?


Studio details below for any of you NPR-loving, minivan driving, quilt project dreaming fellow mamas of screaming preschoolers.

The studio has been open since 2009 and offers classes for all ages, 8-adult. They also offer after school classes and sewing camps!

2225 30th Street, Suite 3

San Diego, CA 92104

619-279-6379 or email

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