It’s a Win-Win-Win

Whether you have preschoolers or high schoolers, once your children begin their education journey, YOU journey into the world of fundraising. Raffles, auctions, carnivals, Box Tops for Education, direct requests from the PTA, walk-a-thons, bowl-a-thons, magazine sales, bake sales… you get the picture.



But the EASIEST and most fun way to give to our school that I have found so far is Skooltopia, an idea born right here in San Diego. This amazing local website features family-friendly products, services, camps and classes that your family would love. And you will love that each purchase you make through Skooltopia means a donation back to the school of your choice.

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This unique marketing platform is great for local crafters and small business owners trying to reach San Diego families. Even though I run the mom’s guide and know a thousand local business owners, I had never heard of Mr. Butter’s Kids’ Cooking & Table Etiquette Class until I saw it on Skooltopia. The cost of this 4-week program is just $75 plus 10% goes to your school!



My son wants to learn to skateboard. If I purchase the 1/2 day skate camp from Ocean Experience, $25 will go to Gage’s school! If you are going to buy something, why not buy local from a company willing to give back to the community? It’s a win-win-win if you ask me. 🙂


photo courtesy of Skooltopia


Here’s how Skooltopia works:
Visit and browse the variety of goods and services available from local businesses.

1)  Register on Skooltopia.  When you register you can select up to three schools that you are affiliated with.

2)  Enter the school’s zip code and select your school from the pull down menu that appears.

3)  Add your photo and some information about yourself in the “about me” section in your profile.  Skooltopia is about community.  Knowing who you are and your connection with your school reinforces the sense of community and trust.

4)  Find what you need on Skooltopia from local businesses in your school community and beyond.

5) When you buy on Skooltopia the donation from the vendor (10% or more) will go to your school. The first school listed in your profile is the default school to receive donations unless you and the vendor have a school in common in which case it will go to that school.

6)  Schools receive their donations twice annually from Skooltopia.

When you buy on Skooltopia you are raising money for your school and supporting a local small business owner in your school community or surrounding area.

If you have a business that Skooltopia families would love, be sure to create your free storefront. And, if you’re a mom like me shopping for birthdays, after school classes and even father’s day gifts, take a stroll through the virtual storefront, snag a great deal and a donation for your favorite school today!


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