Are You Looking for the Perfect Pond for Your Little Fishies?

Waterworks Aquatics is where it’s at!

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We started lessons over a year ago and have been so happy with our experience from beginning to end. Speaking of the beginning, let me tell you how that went down with my 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son:

I signed up for one of their semi-private packages.

My kids showed up in their super cute swimsuits and towels.

Then they both screamed bloody murder for the entire time.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

That happened for about three classes before the Dream Team management folks at Waterworks stepped in and came up with a plan specifically for my kids. They are always watching, training and helping their instructors and know exactly what’s happening with their students. They switched us to a wonderful teacher names Miss Suzy, and she was absolutely fantastic. She was the queen of distraction and knew exactly how to make lessons fun and efficient for my little anxious monkeys. The tears were done! Within six months our daughter was swimming across the pool by herself and our son was officially water safe, able to swim to the side if he falls in. Amazing! They best part: THEY LOVE TO SWIM!

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When we found out there was a new location in Sorrento Valley, we couldn’t wait to check it out. They’ve got a great facility, the instructors are amazing and they make scheduling and communication easy for busy parents. They also have a partnership with LA Fitness so you can arrange classes at any one of their 17 locations for kiddos 3 and older. Get your workout in and get those swim lessons done at the same time!

What we love most about Waterworks:

-The instructors are the best. Many we met have swam/taught for years, had great training and have childcare experience.

-Scheduling can be done online and we can start/stop classes anytime. I LOVE that as a busy mama.

-We are not charged for makeup classes. This sickness season was brutal and not only did they understand, but they sent Get Well cards when my babies were sick!

-The pool is so warm! 84 degrees to be exact. Kids love it!

-Class sizes are small (2:1 or 1:1)

Other perks:

-They have birthday parties

-They have Family Swim Night and other special events for families

-They have swim teams if your fishies want to take it to the next level

-They love to have FUN! Theme days, costumes on instructors and incentives to keep your fishies working hard each lesson.

Check them out for yourself!

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