Your Princess Can Earn $75

princess girls

Do you have a princess living in your home?


Plaza Research is looking for feedback from San Diego moms of daughters, ages 3 to 6, AND from girls ages 5 to 6 on the subject of girl toys, princesses and playing dress-up!

These studies are interactive and fun for all involved, and participation is compensated. You and your daughter can be paid to play … $75 for girls who participate and $100 for moms!


If you are interested in participating in the princess study,

please call 858-200-3000 for more information.

Plaza Research is a national market research company that works with Fortune 500 companies to provide valuable incite on products, advertising, services and much more. Market research like the princess study helps ensure that future customers receive goods and services that are of the highest quality and meet consumers’ needs.


YOU can help!

Opportunities to participate in research studies are available year round for all ages and on different topics, so if you can’t make it into this study, you can register to get Plaza Research’s weekly emails about upcoming projects. To register, just visit!

2 thoughts on “Your Princess Can Earn $75

  1. Sasha says:

    please call in or follow the link to our Facebook page and you can take the online survey and we will call you back if you look like a good fit!

  2. Michelle Paul says:

    Please consider me for the research study.

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