Taylor Swift Ticket Giveaway

So, have you snagged Taylor Swift 1989 Tour tickets for your tween yet?

taylor swift tour

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Yeah, me neither. Months ago when my daughter first started asking to go to the concert, there were no seats available for less than $95 a piece. When my kids want to purchase something that I feel is too expensive or wildly unnecessary, I help them find ways to make the money on their own. They LOVE it.

My elementary-aged kids earn money to pay for their special wants by doing chores around the house and selling the clothing, toys and gear they have outgrown or no longer want. On many occasions I have helped my kids pull together the things they were ready to part with to sell at my favorite local resale shops, consignment events and swap meets. But all of those have one thing in common … you pay a fee to sell and/or share the profits with a 3rd party. But not with Close5!

Close5 is easy enough for a child to use (although parents really do need to be involved!) AND you get to keep 100% of the profits.

Step 1 – download the free Close5 app (what kid can’t do that?)

Step 2 – snap a photo of the item(s) you’d like to sell

Step 3 – list a price (or offer for free), add a brief comment and, viola, your item is posted for sale to other families who live 5 miles from you (hence the name Close5).

Keep 100% while purging. 🙂

The beauty of helping your kids sell their outgrown sports gear, clothing, furniture and toys is that you also get to de-clutter your home, making it easier to organize and streamline your life.


Sadly, Taylor Swift tickets just keep going up and up in price, so we still have not purchased them. But there IS some good news. Close5 will send one San Diego tween and a parent to see Taylor Swift live in concert. Entering for a chance to win is easy, and it’s free. It’s free and easy just like using the Close5 app! Here’s how…

Step 1 – download the Close5 app to your smart phone

Step 2 – list at least one tween (or kid) item for sale or donation on the app

Step 3 – include the key words #Close5Contest after describing your item

That’s it!

Close5 will randomly select one contestant each week for the next 10 weeks from those who enter using the #Close5Contest key words. Each winner will receive one pair of reserved seat tickets to the Taylor Swift concert in their selected United States city (sorry, Canada is excluded). Tickets will be sent via email to the winner. So “shake off” your outgrown, unloved tween and kid gear and enter for a chance to see this summer’s hottest pop concert.

Good luck!



3 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Ticket Giveaway

  1. Liz F says:

    I just entered by posting an item on Close 5. My daughter would LOVE to see Taylor Swift!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. My daughter would have so much fun at a Taylor Swift concert!

  3. Stephanie Thomas says:

    I have a 9 year old daughter who would Love to have these tickets. It would be a great experience for her, that I would be unable to give her. Thanks for the entry. Stephanie Thomas

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