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“Do you want me to hold your baby so you can take a shower?” These were the words that Tina, owner of Hapa Yoga, said to me after I finished my first Mommy and Me session. I immediately knew I would be hooked. I was 6 weeks postpartum, and finally ready to revisit my practice. I had heard good things about this studio through word of mouth, and decided go to check it out for myself. I cannot say enough about this place.  Hapa has everything you could want in a yoga studio; convenient location, easy parking, clean facility, friendly staff, childcare, quality equipment, great bathrooms and…worth a second mention…childcare! 7 days a week!





I gathered the troops from my mommy tribe more than a year ago, and, to this day, we are all incredibly fond of this studio.


Hapa Yoga offers everything from Vinyasa to heated yoga, Pilates to Barre. For the mommy in us, they have a wide variety of Mommy & Me fitness classes, pre-natal yoga, and even Hapa Tots Kids Yoga (for ages 2+).



Ongoing weekly kids and Mommy & Me yoga classes are:
Kids Yoga = Thursday 4 PM, Saturday 9:30 AM  (first come basis)
Mommy & Me = Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2 PM, Sunday 11 AM




Follow Hapa on Facebook page  to stay up to date on special workshops like self defense training, baby music & movement, natural birthing and more.

Interested in becoming a yoga instructor? Yup, they do that too! A good friend of mine recently shared this about her teacher training experience:

“There are a couple of reasons I chose Hapa for my training. I really like the focus on family. The fact that I could bring my son with me while I practice to a fun environment, usually playing with other kids, makes me feel like it’s a positive experience for both of us. And, it makes me feel less guilty and more relaxed about having to practice all the time! Hapa has a wide variety of classes that they offer, so I knew the training would include different styles. And Tina is such a giving, wonderful person who really wants everyone to succeed. She helps in every aspect of becoming a teacher, offering internships and business advice on top of the standard training. It feels like I am part of an awesome family there.”

Are you pregnant and wanting to stay in shape while waiting for baby? Did you loose touch with your yoga practice after your little one arrived? Do you have a kid who you’d like to introduce yoga to? If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, you should absolutely bump a visit to Hapa Yoga to the top of your priority list. You won’t be sorry you did.


I was not surprised at all when Hapa was voted the best studio in San Diego for the second year in a row!


Hapa Logo (125x125)

4242 Camino Del Rio N.

San Diego, CA 92108

(619) 309-6732

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