Talk Toys, Make $100 – $200

Do you remember your favorite toy? What was it? Here’s mine…

barbie camper

photo credit: house of awesome


Do you remember the details of the toy? Would you change it if you could?  What if you could use your experiences and opinions so that the toys your kids play with are of the best quality?

Plaza Research is a market research company that connects consumers with companies all over the nation to provide feedback on advertisements, products and services. And now they need your help!

Plaza Research is looking for moms like us to share our opinions and insights on the toys our kids play with in a fun and interactive environment. We are looking for moms of kids, ages 2 to 10, to give feedback in a focus group or interview setting on Monday, October 12th, Tuesday, October 13th or Wednesday, October 14th. Participation is compensated monetarily, and you will receive $100 to $200 for your opinions!

If you are interested in participating, please call 858-200-3000 for more information or fill out the pre-qualifying survey here.


Please note, Plaza Research does research year round for all ages on a variety of topics, so if you can’t make it into this study, you can register to get weekly emails about upcoming projects. Please go to to register. Happy reminiscing!

One thought on “Talk Toys, Make $100 – $200

  1. Sarah Butterfield says:

    I just filled out their survey! Hoping I’m not too late to get in!

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