More Than Just a Dance Lesson

As parents, it’s common to feel inundated with recreational options for our children. We try to follow their lead to support their interests, but do they really need swim lessons after a fun day at the pool with their friends? Should you sign them up for toddler soccer since their first word was “ball”? At their young age, I think what most of us are truly looking for is a way to not only support their passions, but also find something that will help them grow as an all-around good human being.


This is where Dance to EvOLvE comes in! This week I had the privilege of sitting in on one of their lessons. And the thing that I was MOST pleased to discover was that this was much more than just a traditional dance lesson. It was an opportunity for the children to have fun, work as a team, use their imagination, get some exercise, make new friends, practice respect for one another, AND dance!

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Before these little ballerinas even entered the studio, I could feel their excitement and enthusiasm as they held hands and danced around the waiting room. During class, the instructor knew each of them by name and addressed their learning style individually. She taught them ballet and tap terms in ways that the children would remember; “let’s see you make your first position like Olaf the snowman”! I was absolutely amazed at how well these 5 year olds knew their steps.

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If I wasn’t already sold, I found even more reasons to love this program. Classes start at the ripe age of 2 years old and are offered at various dance studios across the city, so there’s always a location near you. On top of classes, they also offer summer camps, birthday party entertainment, and after school programs.

Kids Dance Recital Toddler Dance Class Chicago

You will feel good sending your little one to Dance to EvOLvE after learning about their wonderful Dance For Love program, benefiting Rady Children’s Hospital. After each class, your child will receive a star to reward their commitment for attending class. After 4 classes, the stars add up to “buy” them two gifts…one to keep and one to give to a child in need at Rady Children’s. This gift giving will become a powerful lesson for your child in charitable giving.

Ready to take the plunge? There’s no better time than now, since Dance to EvOLVE is offering FREE January Dance classes at their newest locations! Check out their schedule for a date and time that will work for your family!

For more information, and to enroll your little dancer, go to:


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