Potty Training 101




the scoopWhen do I start? How do I start? Which method do I use?

Do I need a potty seat, or potty chair? Can my child really be potty trained in 3 days?!

These are just a few of the MANY questions associated with potty training, especially for a first time parent. As my own son officially reaches “toddlerhood,” I often wonder when the right time will be to make the transition. I don’t want to scare him, but I don’t want to miss my opportunity either!

If you have found yourself in the same boat, you will be pleased to know that the The Moms’ Guide’s first official event of 2016 is a not-to-be-missed potty training workshop!! We welcome parenting expert Sri Hatharasinghe-Gerhsler to give us a fun, yet educational overview of the process and answers those burning questions…so start writing yours down!


You’ll leave more informed and with tools to encourage your child to take the first steps towards potty acceptance. Each guest will receive a goody bag and raffle tickets for a chance to win potty books, potty seats, undies and even a one-on-one coaching session with Sri! Make new mommy friends and let the littles play! Dads & children are welcome to attend. Although this will be an educational workshop, we strive to make it casual and fun for all. 🙂




Join us! Light refreshments and snacks will be provided. A playroom with childcare is available on site, should you choose to use it. A fun social hour will follow to give parents and children the opportunity to make new friends, and give each other guidance and support on the dreaded, yet inevitable potty training.






Who: The Moms’ Guide to SanDiego

What: Potty Training 101 with Sri Parent Coach

When: January 23rd, 4pm – 5pm

Where: Discover the Glow – 2710 Garnet Avenue, Pacific Beach

Why: To provide you with the tools and support your family needs to start on your potty training journey!

How: The cost for the event will be $8 per family. We apologize to those who are unable to attend this time around, but this event is now sold out! With the high demand, we will do our best to schedule another event in the near future!


A special thanks goes out to our partners for making this event a possibility!


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3 thoughts on “Potty Training 101

  1. Kristine Simmons says:

    Please, please let me know if a spot opens up. We’d love to enroll.


  2. Holly Thissen says:

    Myself, hubs, and the LO will all be there! 🙂

  3. Dana Crake says:

    Please put me down for this. I will send you payment tonight when I get home…. 😉 thank you! Would love to see you! 😉

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