Seaworld Preschool Fun Card

It’s BACK!!!


San Diego moms LOVE this free admission pass for kids ages 3-5. Remember, you must fill out the form online and then bring your child’s birth certificate to the park to redeem the pass. It is soooo wonderful!!

To get your FREE Preschool Fun Card (for children 3-5 years old), visit this link, and fill out the form.  *** please note that you may be directed to the 2015 page for some reason if using your phone or tablet so open using a computer. ***


*San Diego and Orange County CA residents only. Valid only at SeaWorld San Diego only for children 5 years old and younger at time of redemption. Unlimited admission through 12/31/2016. Does not include free parking, separately ticketed events or other discounts. Bring registration confirmation and valid form of ID (a copy of a certified birth certificate or travel passport) to Tickets and Reservations at SeaWorld San Diego. School IDs or children’s security IDs will not be accepted. The SeaWorld Preschool Fun Card offer is not available at the park; advance online registration required.

Offer valid for limited time and subject to change and/or cancellation without notice.


From the Frequently Asked Questions section …

My child is 5 this year, turning 6. Am I still eligible?

As long as your child is 5 years of age on or before the date you redeem the Preschool Fun Card for your first visit to the park, your child is eligible.

Do I have to be a San Diego and Orange County, CA resident?

Yes. We want to offer our neighbors who are 5 and younger unlimited access in 2016 to all that our parks have to offer. This gives local residents the chance to experience all of the wonderful family-friendly attractions at SeaWorld San Diego.

How long is the SeaWorld Preschool Fun Card valid for?

The pass is valid through Dec. 31, 2016. With blockout dates of May 30 and December 31, 2016.

When do I have to register by?

Registration must occur online by March 13, 2016

Fun Card Voucher redemptions must occur at the park by March 20, 2016

Is my Preschool Fun Card valid at other SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment parks?

The Fun Card is only valid at SeaWorld San Diego.

Where do I receive the Preschool Fun Card?

You can redeem your Fun Card E-Voucher at Tickets and Reservations at SeaWorld San Diego

What kind of identification do I need to provide?

Valid identification includes a copy of a certified birth certificate or a travel passport. Please note that school IDs or children security IDs will NOT be accepted.


This is one of the best deals around. Thanks for bringing it back Seaworld!!

14 thoughts on “Seaworld Preschool Fun Card

  1. a says:

    i dont see a link..

  2. Ann says:

    RE: JR’s question.. that was my question too so I just called Seaworld San Diego, the answer is yes, parents/guradians will have to pay for their own admission

  3. JR says:

    Does this include a parent’s admission too, or do I have to buy a separate ticket in?

  4. Gene says:

    Oh, and from what I saw … if you have more than one kid, it might be easiest to register the other child with another parent

  5. Gene says:

    This is awesome, thanks! I had one for our girl last year and now we can go again this year! You just made this daddy a happy camper!

  6. Kimber Hager says:

    Im a little bummed because I bought 2yr passes for my 2 (3yr olds)

  7. Susana says:

    WIll this work for 2 kids? I have a 3 and a 5 year old

  8. Lisa says:

    My son and I live in San Diego and have for a few months now he attends school here and such I haven’t switched my license over due to the fact I’m a traveling nurse. Can I still get him a seaworld pass?

  9. lizzy cabrera says:

    yippppeeeee thank you!!!

  10. Amanda says:

    My child is turning 3 in April. Can I register for one of these cards for him in March before he turns 3?

  11. Catherine Schwartz says:

    Do you need a ticket for a child under one?

  12. momsguide says:

    I just clicked the link and it only references 2016 Malia. Here’s what I see:
    SeaWorld San Diego is delighted to offer the 2016 SeaWorld Preschool Fun Card. This FREE Fun Card grants kids ages 5 and younger complimentary admission to SeaWorld San Diego through Dec. 31, 2016.
    *San Diego and Orange County CA residents only. Valid only at SeaWorld San Diego only for children 5 years old and younger at time of redemption. Unlimited admission through 12/31/2016…

  13. Malia says:

    The link is for the 2015 pass. Is there another link for this year or do we fill out the 2015 form?

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