Discover Yourself at Discover the Glow

dtg-logo-web-gradientHave you ever dreamt of a place where you could get a massage while someone watches your child? Maybe a place where you could bring your little one for a fun story time, while you practice yoga? Do you wish there was somewhere you could go for support, where you could talk with other moms who have experienced post partum depression, or just the struggles of becoming a new mother? Well, dreams really do come true, and they come in the form of Discover the Glow.



This newly opened Women’s Center is the place we all wish we had during our transition into parenthood. It’s where you go to “meet friends, find support, develop health and wellness, educate yourself or just take a break!” Best of all, free child care is always provided while using the facility!


Wondering what’s on their calendar? Whelp, a little bit of everything! Story time, mommy bootcamp, babywearing yoga, daddy playgroups, prenatal & postpartum support groups, and even baby bootcamp! Wait…did I mention wine & craft night?! Kids Arts & Crafts? Special events like our recent Potty Training workshop or the upcoming Mommy Market? Yep….they’ve really got it all.

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DTG’s affordable membership options give families access to all events & classes but don’t forget that your first class is always free, so stop on by to show your support and get some support!

For more information, check out their website or Facebook page, or visit them in person at

2710 Garnet Ave #201

San Diego, CA 92109


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