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Now that spring break has come and gone, we’re turning our attention to summer planning. Camps are a fun way to introduce new sports and hobbies to your kids, and golf has been on our bucket list for a couple of summers now. According to Junko Suzuki with Southern California PGA, children can start learning the game of golf at any age.

“Golf is a lifelong sport and a great sport the whole family can enjoy together,” Junko says. She says the kids who will do best will have coordination and athleticism, patience and determination.  “The game of golf helps children learn a lot of these character skills and it’s the only sport where players keep their own scores. There are no referees.  This teaches responsibility and playing with integrity.”

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The Southern California PGA and TGA Premier Junior Golf have joined forces to provide San Diegans with junior golf camps that  that combine expert instruction, course play and exciting activities that keep young students engaged. A low camper-to-instructor ratio means individual attention and proper instruction for each child.

 Each day of camp includes:

  • Station-based instruction (full swing, chipping and putting)
  • Fun games and contests
  • Course play with an instructor
  • Snacks/lunch break


Whether at a camp or your neighborhood course, it’s not necessary to have equipment for your beginner golfer. Facilities will usually have club rentals for junior golfers and can help you find the correct length.  Most professionals will actually tell you to hold off on making the investment in golf clubs until you know for sure your child wants to play.

Junko offers these tips to San Diego parents…

* Do not pressure your children into playing golf.  Forcing them will not help them enjoy the game on their own terms.

*  Golf is not a game of perfect. I hear many parents say ‘My child has been golfing for X amount of years now, why is he/she not improving or why is everyone else better than him/her?’  Your child is improving – although it may be happening slowly.

*  Do not make your child feel like they are playing a sport to impress you or make you happy.  They should play because they want to and it makes him or her happy!  Parents should be there for support.

The Southern California PGA Section is excited to introduce the game of golf to more children and introduce them to professionals and facilities in the area that they can go to!

For a list of available camps, visit

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