The Best Anniversary Surprises for Your Husband

If you and your husband have an anniversary on the horizon, make this year’s celebration memorable with fun surprises your special fella won’t see coming.

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Recreate Your First Date

Whoever said men don’t enjoy being romanced is fooling themselves. Men have the same amount of capacity for romance, and if you think your hubby will enjoy it, don’t hesitate to sweep him off his feet with your romantic antics. That might mean harkening back to where it all began, and recreating your first date. Go to the restaurant where you ate your first meal, and try to buy an outfit similar to the one you wore back then if you don’t own the same pieces anymore. Look back, see how far you’ve come, and dream about the future you’ll have together on this wonderful trip through memory lane.

A Couple’s Massage Instruction

Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime. Take this proverb to heart and implement it into a modern day amenity: massages. Instead of planning the usual couple’s massage, attend an instruction with your husband on the art of massage. Companies like The Love Institute offer private couple’s massage lessons, meaning you and your sweetie can get the low down on all the perfect techniques to ebb away the stress that life can throw at us on a daily basis.

Create a Playlist

Take the modern day spin on a romantic mixed tape and create a playlist for your hubby. Take the time to choose songs that have special meaning to the both of you, and add songs that have a message you want to impart to him. Create it on a music streaming service like Spotify, and send him the link while he’s busy working away at the office. He’ll love the sweet and unexpected surprise, and have the perfect background music to get him through the long hours until he can get home and celebrate your anniversary with you.

Custom Gifts

I won’t beat around the bush on this one: men are impossibly hard to shop for. Ask him what he wants, and you’re lucky if you get a noncommittal grunt in reply. While it’s great he’s not greedily clamoring for material items, this attitude towards gifts can really make it hard for a loving wife to find the perfect anniversary present. If this situation sounds familiar, you might want to turn to the experts. Some sites have curated collections of customized items that make it much easier, like anniversary gifts. You can find practical items for a host of passions, then put your own spin on it by adding a cute, loving message, or even getting your initials hidden somewhere on them. He’ll love that you took the time to create something just for him, and the mix of practicality and sentimentality is sure to be a hit.

A Night of Stargazing

Technology saturates our lives, and this definitely impacts the quality time we spend with our loved ones. Make a pact to go technology free for a night, and make it easy to avoid the blue light screen temptation by planning a fun stargazing night in your backyard. Lay down blankets on the grass, bring out some snacks, and lay back with hands entwined to look up at the wondrous views of nature we sometimes take for granted. If you live in a city that’s light saturation makes it hard for you to see the night sky without the fluorescent glow, plan a night drive out to the countryside. If you’re a couple who loves to camp, make it an overnight excursion and fall asleep together watching the stars from a comfy hammock for two.

Try Something New

If you’re feeling the need to spice up your relationship and do something beyond the same old dinner and movie date, sign up for a new experience that you’ll both enjoy. Maybe it’s a heart-racing ride in a speedster, a paragliding adventure, or a kayaking session in a local lake or bay. Get inspired on


If your anniversary is coming up, surprise your loving husband with any of these fantastic ideas and create special memories to last a lifetime.


The Mom’s Guide would like to thank Alicia Chancellor for contributing this article.

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