The Insider Scoop on the Impressive new Contour by Cox

I think it is only fair to start this post by admitting that I am not currently a COX customer. HOWEVER, it appears as though that will soon change, because the new Contour by Cox is simply…IMPRESSIVE. One of those gotta-have-it, sign-me-up, how-did-I-live-without-this kind of deals. Let me explain…


Voice_Remote_CompVoice Remote. Most people are tempted to save the best for last, but I’m just too excited about this feature! Contour by Cox is making the future a reality by bringing you a MICROPHONE in your remote. No more scrolling or typing. Simply say what you need! “Switch to HGTV,” “Record The Voice,” “Find me a comedy for kids,” and even….famous phrases or quotes! Know the movie you’re looking for but just can’t recall the title? Contour to the rescue! Say something like “Nobody puts Baby in a Corner” and within seconds you’ll be watching the fabulous Dirty Dancing!


Just For You. Who…me? Does this Contour thing really know me? Amazingly enough,1251126993_tom_hanks_290x402 the answer is yes. Picture this: you’re enjoying a nice Friday evening snuggled up next to your hubby watching Castaway. Hubby says, “Tom Hanks did such a great job directing this movie,” to which you reply “Tom Hanks didn’t direct Castaway!” Cue the Contour! The info button is your new on-demand IMDb, displaying ratings, cast members (AND their profiles) and suggestions for other movies staring (not directed by…ahem) Tom Hanks. Ready for a Friday night Tom Hanks marathon? Contour already knows and has suggested that you browse the on demand library or record upcoming movies/shows featuring Tom Hanks. You might never have known that Splash will be playing next Thursday, but Contour does, and has already notified you!

The Kids’ Zone. Though most first-time pregnant moms have the same goal of never letting their precious babe set eyes on a TV screen, they will soon join the rest of us who raise their glass to Thomas, Sophia, George or Elmo for providing 20 minutes of free toddler entertainment while, heaven-forbid, we put some mascara on. Now, imagine a world where the Kids Zone is designed specifically for them. Displaying search results of ONLY age specific shows, with age-appropriate language and age-appropriate poster art. And never having to worry about “whoops, how did he flip to HBO?!” since you can lock channels, create custom settings, and restrict access via PIN…muahahahaha. Give them the freedom to choose what they want without the option of it being too mature.


Start Over. It’s 7:55pm, and the season finale of your favorite show is just minutes away from starting. You’ve been waiting for this all week! 7:58, and you’re settled down with your glass of wine when bam! The baby is awake, screaming, and causes you to miss the first 12 minutes of your show. No worries, just Start Over! The start over feature allows you to go back to the beginning and watch from the start. Yay!

The Last Nine. Finally able to sit down after another long day of diaper changes and tantrums? Just want to watch your favorite show without scrolling through your DVR or TV guide? Contour remembers and displays the last NINE shows that you viewed, whether they be from your on-demand library, live TV or recorded DVR programs. Convenience at its finest.

trendingTrending. With a dedicated team who is constantly scanning the news & social media sites, you are sure to be “in the know” with suggestions made specifically for you. LGBT Pride month is upon us, and Cox is already ahead of the game, making relevant suggestions on shows, movies & documentaries to give you the most entertaining and educational experience possible.

With up to 1,000 hours of storage on the DVR, 35,000 titles pre-loaded into On-Demand, the option to record 6 shows at once, convenient apps at your fingertips and the ability to watch your favorite shows and movies from anywhere in the house on your tablet or smartphone, what is NOT to love about the new Contour? Take the tour today to see if the new Contour is right for your family.

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