Dolly Delivers!

The only thing worse than having big, bulky items cluttering up your home and garage is finding a person who wants to buy that bunk bed, swing set or old fridge, BUT has no way to haul it.

Amazing bunk bed for sale on the Close5 app. Dolly can deliver it to your door!

Enter Dolly, the leading peer-to-peer delivery, hauling and moving app, which has teamed up with Close5 here in San Diego to provide an easy and affordable delivery solution for the most difficult items to move around.

I don’t know about you, but I find it pretty hard to sell or even donate larger pieces of furniture unless I work with a charity that’s willing to pick up or a buyer with access to a truck. How many times have you been asked if you’ll deliver something you’re trying to sell? Thanks to Dolly, we can now answer “yes!”

Dolly snapshot (1).001

This is how it works: For a slight fee, Dolly can be a good solution for Close5 buyers once they have reviewed the item and agreed on the how they will pay for it. Buyers can then easily click through to the Dolly app to arrange for delivery. Once the customer inputs the details for their delivery, they are guaranteed a delivery price and can choose a pick up time that’s convenient to their schedule.

Dolly tracks its helpers via GPS and allows customers to directly contact the helper who will be providing their delivery. Payment for the Dolly is easily made – directly and securely – through the Dolly app. As an added bonus, buyers and sellers may appreciate having a Dolly-vetted and GPS-tracked helper present when they are exchanging goods and payment for their Close5 transaction.

Need to move something? Check out Dolly at a discount, using code Close55 for 15% off! For more information, please visit

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