Don’t Love Grocery Shopping with Kids? Get Instacart!

Is there anything good about grocery shopping with kids?


When they are infants it’s difficult enough to get into the store with them much less through it. The infant carrier takes up much of the cart, and if you shop with baby in the stroller, your storage space is way limited. Littles who can sit up often end up sucking on the cart handle. Add a second kiddo and you’re really screwed.


When they are toddlers they either want to ride in those dirty car carts that you can barely maneuver around the store or want to “help you” push a full-sized cart.  This is also when they start to talk and tell you how much they want everything they see.

I’m in the “tween” stage where the kids don’t want to shop at all. “Are we done yet?” “Can we wait in the car?”



As I type this I’m awaiting my second Instacart delivery of the day (chips, guacamole and a bottle of La Crema Chardonney). I shopped from home this morning via new-to-San Diego Instacart and scheduled someone else to drive to the store, schlep around looking for my items, stand in line to check out and drive to my home with the food and household items we need.

Screenshot 2016-07-27 11.37.03


The stores I selected were Costco and Smart & Final, but I could have also shopped from Whole Foods, Ralphs, Petco and Jimbo’s. This service is great when you don’t want to go to the store, don’t have time to go to the store, when you want to give your friend a hand . . . imagine sending a new mom the gift of delicious, prepared meals from Wholefoods that are delivered right to her door along with a bouquet of flowers.



Instacart sends messages throughout the process, alerts you if something is not available and lets you chat with your shopper through the app or your computer.



My super-friendly, right-on-time personal shopper, Rheanna, arrived at my door holding the 42-lb cat litter that I can barely lift. I didn’t have to circle around the Costco parking lot searching for parking, didn’t have to wait in the check out line that seems to get longer with each visit and, even though I am a Costco member, I didn’t have to be. Instacart shoppers have memberships, which means you can snag the club store savings without paying the annual fees. 🙂


Rheanna – my first Instacart personal shopper

Instacart just launched this week and, in this first phase, will be serving Downtown including Gaslamp and Little Italy, all the way East toward the College area, Rolando, and Oak Park. But they’ll be expanding shortly into the areas with the most downloads and the most potential for new customers. (come on East County! Download the free Instacart app so they will expand into our community 🙂 )

Although I used the special shopping code, MOMSOFSD, to get free delivery, the time, energy and gas money I saved were well worth the normal delivery fee of $5.99 (for orders over $35) and the 15% tip I chose to give Rheanna. I love that the Instacart stores are the same ones I already shop. Most offer the same prices via Instacart as they do to in-store shoppers. Costco prices are 15% higher, but worth it to me and probably most moms, especially those who aren’t members!

Thank you Instacart for giving me the opportunity to order groceries at a discount for this article and for sending them to my neighborhood even though we’re not part of the roll out. Check it out for yourself! All San Diego moms are invited to take advantage of a month of waived delivery fees. Use promo code MOMSOFSD or click this link to enjoy San Diego’s great new way to shop for your family!





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