Big Rig Beds

You guys…these beds are UNREAL!!  Your transition from the crib is sure to be an easy one if your child is lucky enough to get one of these bad boys. What toddler is not obsessed with big rigs? Can you even imagine having a big rig bed as a kid? Complete with working lights, custom license plate, and a ladder to climb in! Some of them even have a real truck horn or siren!



Pete started building these custom beds in 2002, when he built his first bed for his son. When he saw the excitement in his child’s eyes, he knew he wanted to share that with kids across the country. These beds are not your standard plastic toddler beds. These authentic designs are custom made, hand crafted, to-scale, and pinstriped with real working lights and sounds.



Big Rig Beds accommodate a standard twin sized mattress, so that your kiddo can enjoy their rig for years to come. Each comes with removable bed rails so that your toddler can transition into a big kid bed with ease. The license plate on the front bumper can even be customized to display your child’s name!


And maybe best of all, there are no bolts, screws, or nails needed to assemble this bed. Pete makes sure to give you the proper instructions for the interlocking design.

All Big Rig beds are custom made, and no two beds are alike. After an initial consultation with Pete, you will receive a quote based on your design choices. Here is your chance to make your kid’s dream really come true, and Christmas is right around the corner!! Go ahead and send this post to Grandma and Grandpa right now 🙂


If you are curious about Big Rig Beds, or would like to get more information, contact Pete at 908-642-7719 or email him at Either way…hop on over to his website or his Facebook page and marvel at his creations, they truly are impressive!

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  1. Stacey says:

    Little one would think he’d died and gone to heaven over one of these. Amazing!

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