San Diego’s best Christmas Display goes to…

My son and I have been on a holiday display mission this season since he is finally old enough to appreciate and enjoy the lights and sounds of Christmas! We’ve attended tree lighting ceremonies, played in the “snow”, walked neighborhood lighting displays, and even taken a train ride to the Polar Express. But of all the wonderful holiday happenings, the one that tops our list this year, is SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration!


SeaWorld in itself is a wonderful place for families to explore, play, and learn about our world’s marine life. I have been swayed in both directions over the ongoing orca controversy. It is, of course, heartbreaking to see these beautiful creatures living in such a small enclosure, and you could absolutely find my name on a petition to stop the parks breeding program (which became effective earlier this year). However, I’ve have also witnessed the efforts of their rescue team, who rehabilitate and reintroduce ill or injured animals back into the wild, and have learned of the extreme support they provide to conservation and wildlife protection funds.



The animals that most likely would not survive in the wild, are treated at SeaWorld’s parks or facilities, and showcased in an environment that gives us the opportunity to view and learn about these great creatures firsthand. My son has learned more about turtles, penguins, sea lions, and whales from his experiences at SeaWorld than any other resource I have introduced him to, and I am confident that he will have a deep respect and appreciation for these animals as he grows up.


During the Christmas season, SeaWorld transforms its park into a true wonderland that makes it nearly impossible to not jump right into the holiday spirit! With toe-tapping tunes, thousands and thousands of lights, a sledding hill with real snow, and decorations that prompt a photo op around every corner, SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration is not to be missed!!



But perhaps the best part of SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration, is Santa’s Christmas Village. You guys…if your kiddos have been asking about the North Pole, this is about as close as it gets. Visit with Santa’s reindeer, sip hot cocoa while listening to story time by Mrs. Claus, sing & dance with the elves, and meet Rudolf! Not only is SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration our favorite holiday activity, but the Santa Claus at SeaWorld is almost impossible to beat!



To make the most of your visit, be sure to arrive early and pick up a park map, which will outline the daily shows, including Dolphin Island Christmas, Clyde & Seamore’s Christmas Special, Pets Rule Christmas, and my favorite…Shamu’s Christmas Miracles.


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