Green Buy Back

If you’re anything like me, you have gone through a number of devices since your kids were born.  Whether you needed more storage for photos, a better camera, or a straight up replacement after your phone “looked like it would make a good boat”, chances are you’ve got one or two old phones sitting in that junk drawer in your kitchen! Whether you like it or not, your little ones most likely love technology. They might even have their own ipad, or know how to work your smart phone better than you do. They also tend to BREAK these devices more often than we’d like to admit.

Enter in Green Buy Back! Why bother with flaky buyers on Craigslist, or lowball offers from your service carrier when you can get an immediate quote and quick cash from Green Buy Back?!


How Does it Work?

  1. Get an immediate quote on the website for your phones, tablets, smart watches and MORE, in ANY condition.
  2. Print out your pre-paid UPS shipping label, affix it to the box you’ll be using, and carefully pack and mail your device to us.
  3. Get paid. We will make quick Payments via check or Paypal.

Broken screen from a tantrum? No problem. Water damage from a dip in a bubble bath? Easy. It’s a good thing these kiddos are cute!! Get cash from your old devices to finally buy the new one that you deserve.

Moms of older kids and teens know that they are into having the NEWEST technology.  They are excited to get an upgraded version of their device frequently.  Why not sell their current one, and use that money towards the upgrade for their birthday this year, or as a reward for those good grades?


*Although this is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links, all opinions are my own, and my opinion is that moms NEED this. We have very little time to properly recycle or find the best price for their devices, and Green Buy Back is a convenient service that solves this problem. Happy selling mamas! 

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