It’s County Fair Time

We have always had a blast at the County Fair — when the kids were little and now that they’re a little older. At 9 & 11, my kids can navigate crowds on their own two feet, they don’t need naps, they are open to trying some of the interesting fair foods, and they are old enough to soak in everything the fair has to offer.

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But no matter the age, there’s something for everyone at the Fair. If you’re interested in saving a few bucks, I believe the Costco County Fair Savings Pack is the best deal around. Especially now that it’s on sale for only $64.99 (through May 21st).

Here’s what we do at the fair to get the most out of the day while keeping expenses low(ish)….

  • Limit our time at the rides and games section of the fair. There are 50 ride tickets in the Costco San Diego County Fair Savings Pack, and when we run out, we move on. Each ride will take between 3 and 6 tickets and, really, there is SO MUCH MORE TO DO that is fun and free.

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  • Bring in our own snacks and drinks. Yes, this is totally allowed and will save you a lot. Of course, it’s great to try some fair food. Use the savings book included in your savings pack to help make the most of your fair food purchases!
  • Visit the “Creative Youth” exhibits. San Diego students enter their art, photography and even their LEGO creations to be judged and displayed. It’s awesome!

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Whatever you do at the fair, you will more than likely leave feeling like you didn’t get to do it all! Don’t worry, the fair is open June 2nd through July 4th, and there’s always next year. 😉

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