Rent, Play, Return! The Sharing Exchange Solution

You know that awesome gift you got your son that you thought he would LOVE? That amazing pirate ship with all the bells and whistles? Unfortunately, it wasn’t such a hit and now it has been sitting in the playroom for the last three months!! Of course you can’t get rid of it because someday he may want to discover how cool it really is!  A local San Diego mom, Ashley Wilson, has created a solution to the overflowing playroom issue. is an online rental marketplace connecting families enabling them to rent children’s toys & gear from each another.  Now families can access anything they need for their kids, just for time they need it. Strollers, games, toys, baby swings, maternity clothes, travel gear, party décor- all available from neighbors in your community!  There is no need to own everything! 

Now you can hop online to The Sharing Exchange™ and lend that totally awesome pirate ship to another child who will actually love it, and rent something else for your child that he/she will actually like! Rent, play, return! Everyone ends up happy and you make some extra $$. Many San Diego parents have already made money off the things they own, while also renting the things their kids will only use, or be interested in, for a short time.

As we enter the summer season many San Diego families are getting a large influx of out of town guests and visitors. The Sharing Exchange™ is a great resource to rent the extra things you need for your out of town visitors; extra high chair, booster seat, pack in play, toys, outdoor equipment etc. No need to be racing around town to Good Will or buying duplicate items. Parents can browse inventory, read reviews on owners and book rentals ahead of time.  Perfect for making your guests feel right at home with all they need. Bonus: The Owner of the items will even deliver to your house!

Check out their site, to become a part of their sustainable sharing community right here in San Diego! Their movement aims to empower and strengthen communities, while also helping our youngest learners understand social rules such as give and take, cooperation, helping others, and respecting and taking care of other peoples’ things.

Meet the founder and learn more about The Sharing Exchange™ in person at the Hullabaloo Waterfront Concert series this summer at the downtown Waterfront Park (May 28th, June 25th, August 27th, and Sept 24th).



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