Stop Pinning & Start Doing!

I’m not a crafty woman. But I admire those who are, and especially those who can help guide me to be more creative.

Mint Studio owner, Jayme Sanders, with a sample of the fabulous Mother’s Day craft she has planned

Mint Studio’s owner, Jayme Sanders, wants you to stop pinning and start doing. Mint is where I’ve left my comfort zone to create Christmas wreaths, bath bombs and vision boards. I won’t be starting an Etsy shop anytime soon, but it feels good to get my creative juices flowing with friends, under the supervision of wonderful Mint staff.

Mint knows all about the newest trends and designs and has the supplies you need to bring them to life, packed into one gorgeous space. It’s a Pinterest board come to life, but with your friends or your children, maybe some wine and some assistance. With an incredible daily calendar of amazing classes, workshops as well as a DIY drop in studio, Mint has something for everyone.

If you haven’t already made your Mother’s Day plans, you might want to consider giving yourself a couple hours of creativity . . 

Mint Studio is located in Carmel Valley at 5965 Village Way. For more information visit





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