Mind/Body Approach to Learning

Have you been looking for a preschool program that has it all?  Well, look no further!  Petits Amigos is a combined Spanish immersion and gymnastics preschool program for children. 

Petits Amigos’ mind and body approach to learning dedicates attention to the cognitive, social, and physical development of all children.  This Reggio Emilia-inspired Spanish program focuses on the early development of language skills and incorporates gymnastics, music, art, interactive play, gardening and science as mediums for language learning. 

Research shows that early exposure to a second or third language has numerous advantages including:

  • Improved reading abilities
  • Improved math and english skills
  • Increased native-language abilities
  • Higher academic achievement
  • Increased cognitive thinking
  • Improved attention control
  • Better problem solving skills
  • Enhanced listening and memory
  • Higher SAT and ACT scores

Petits Amigos also offers language tutoring and parent participation French and Spanish classes for children ages 12 – 32 months old. In these highly interactive classes, parents and toddlers learn Spanish or French through movement, floor and lap activities, interactive songs, and chants that stimulate a child’s natural response to language. Parents will learn songs and expressions to practice in class and at home. This is a great opportunity to bond with your little one while also fostering your child’s listening and motor skills, language development and sense of balance and rhythm.

Want to try it out?  Petits Amigos is offering a FREE family sing-along on Tuesday, September 12

Petits Amigos is located inside Gyminny Kids Gymnastics Center
17022 Camino San Bernardo
​4S Ranch
For more information visit petitsamigos.com

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