Impossible Science Festival

My kids have been obsessed with oobleck, a non-Newtonian fluid that has properties of both liquids and solids, ever since this day at the Fleet Science Center two years ago…

They’ve made oobleck at home many times, but they will finally get to walk on it once again at this weekend’s Impossible Science Festival. 

For the 3rd year, the Fleet Science Center is hosting its hands-on event where kids can learn how to make objects invisible, experience what it’s like to walk on water and explore levitation. There are more than 20 interactive demonstration stations for families to experience.


“The goal of the Impossible Science Festival is to promote education through curiosity,” said Jason Latimer, host and designer of the Impossible Science Festival. “By exploring subjects that seem impossible but showing how they can be made possible through science, visitors will have a memorable, hands-on learning experience that will blow their minds!”



It’s no secret that we love the Fleet Science Center, but the Impossible Science Festival is just about the best time we’ve ever had there.

And it is amazing that all of the festival fun is included in Fleet admission along with other exhibits like Game Masters, Dream! Design! Build, all of the Fleet’s interactive exhibits, plus one IMAX film of your choice.

The event will take place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. this Saturday and Sunday in the theater lobby of the Fleet Science Center. Ticket prices range from $19.95 for juniors to $22.95 for adults and includes the festival, Fleet exhibits and one film in the IMAX giant dome theater. Members and Explorer Pass holders enter for free.

One lucky reader will win a family 4-pack of admissions to the Impossible Science Festival. For your chance, leave us a comment below answering the question, “Do you let your kids create their own science experiments in your house?” (man they can be messy, which is why it’s great so many can be done at this festival!)

One reader will be selected to win this Thursday.

For more information about the Impossible Science Festival, visit

28 thoughts on “Impossible Science Festival

  1. momsguide says:

    Congrats Joyce W! You are our winner!!! Please check your email for instructions on how to claim your prize.

  2. Michelle says:

    Love science experiments but I definitely put butcher paper or something on the floor to capture the mess!

  3. Stephanie Martinez says:

    Yes! We love to have fun science experiments in the house. We’ve made slime & a volcano to name a few!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Yes. My kids love to do science experiments at home. Especially ones that involve water.

  5. Karina Wong says:

    We always let our daughter create science experiments facilitated at home by her dad during our “Science Saturday” that we do every other week. Our daughter loves to work with magnets, learn with water and creat projects with recycled material. All the projects and experiments that they do are through play based learning which supports her curiosity.

  6. Lisa A Lieb says:

    No, but I would be open to doing an in-house science experiment!

  7. Kami Adair says:

    YES! They learn so much. My favorite thing to do if they have questions I try to come up with an experiment that may answer it for them and have them figure out the answer themselves. We’ve built an electromagnet, volcano, circuit board that lights light bulbs, grown mold, made waves, simulated spider webs, the list goes on and on. We LOVE science.

  8. Nikki says:

    Yes! Thankfully, we live in San Diego and can keep a lot of the mess outside😀

  9. Nicole Cosby says:

    My 9 year old Daugther loves science! She asks for a kit every Christmas

  10. Ruth Mccallister says:

    Yes my 10 year old loves to experiment she has several science kits

  11. Candice Keating says:

    100%!!! My 5 yr old daughter LOVES science and she always asked to do experiments, whether it’s with the experiments from boxed science activities she’s received as presents or just mixing flour, water and food coloring in bowls she truly enjoys it and I love to see her get so excited doing it

  12. Michelle says:

    We have just started doing experiments at home….we have been participating in the yearly science fair at school. This year we will up our game…..

  13. Sarah Reyes says:

    We are just starting to do more experiment type science at home, but have loved learning about the way the world works through exploring in the garden and the kitchen since he could stand!

  14. Jasmin Morales says:

    Somewhat… I have three kiddos and we’ve done slime, homemade playdoh, and instant snow. If we haven’t done much else it’s only because of the cleanup afterward. We do love science and they do love messes!

  15. Cara says:

    Yes, we encourage our daughter to get messy and use her imagination for science experiments!

  16. Brandi smith says:

    Yes! we love doing science at home.

  17. Cyndi says:

    Yes! As much as possible! But it would be nice to have someone else do the clean-up this time! 🙂

  18. Nicole says:

    “Do you let your kids create their own science experiments in your house?”
    ALL The time!! My daughter is obsessed with science projects! Just last night she made “bread” with flour, baking soda, nutmeg, leaves from the tree out front, cactus flowers, some ground down sidewalk chalk for color and a spritz of perfume! She even shaped it with a heart shape cookie cutter, cooked it in the microwave, and garnished with sprinkles! It tasted delicious!! 😝😭😂Lol

  19. Dana Larson says:

    I haven’t been brave enough to let them try in our rental. We do bake a lot though!

  20. Joanna Ramirez says:

    My daughters are always looking for something new to try. This summer they built many things, tried making slime at least three different ways, grew some plants, made volcanoes, if we had all the materials necessary and they wanted to try it out they did it.

  21. Betsabe says:

    of course ! i let my boys try to do some science things we can do and when is cheap .

  22. Shawna enriquez says:

    I would love to take my niece and nephew. They LOVE science and the RHFC!

  23. Chantelle H says:

    We have made many kinds of playdoh, slime, kits, grown things and had a catapillar from cocoon to hatch! But I have to many more pinned I would love to try of course! With four little ones, I love the idea of messy at the center! 😉

  24. Brandy Garner says:

    Totally open to home science experiments!

  25. Joyce W says:

    I do let my kids make experiments in the house…regret the mess later but they have fun and love it.

  26. Alejandra says:

    We love experimenting and making a mess while we do it.. we would love to win some tickets

  27. Diane Loredo says:


  28. Diane Loredo says:

    I haven’t let my kids try many science experiments but we have made slow and they love to do that!

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