I’ve seen the home of the future, and it is Jetsons-smart!

With the swipe of an app, busy moms like me can turn appliances on and off remotely, adjust our thermostats, view live video of our homes, lock and unlock the doors, get motion sensor alerts, even monitor smoke, carbon monoxide and detect flooding while we are away from home thanks to Cox Communication’s Homelife.

With the “smart” sous-vide, home chefs can monitor their food throughout the day even when away

Your house probably already has a few internet-connected devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones and game systems, but experts say that, by 2020, we will have an average of 50 connected devices. At the Cox Smart Home Tour I was able to experience some of what is coming like virtual reality vacations, bluetooth-enabled medication dispensers and bar-code scanning garbage can devices that automatically add to your grocery list when you run out of something.

These technologies help moms, seniors, the disabled — anyone — better manage their lives.

This smart feeder helps animals get the right portions of food even when you’re away from home


Through the magic of technology seniors can get telehealth checkups with physicians, Facetime consultations with nutritionists and over-the-internet physical therapy, helping them stay safe and connected to others from the comfort of the home they love.

Telehealth lets physicians monitor the patient’s vital signs and conduct a virtual house call


Anyone with health concerns can benefit from a Facetime nutrition consultation

They say that these technologies are a solution for the aging wave that is coming. How about for tweens and teens who are becoming more independent? Smart homes can offer cameras that allow us to virtually check in on our parent or our children. We can tell when doors and cabinets have been opened, We can see who is at the front door. We can even lock up the house remotely.

The “Connected Independence” Smart Home Tour was powered by Cox Communications’ broadband network and featured more than 35 connected devices designed for seniors and busy families from companies like Rendever, which offers a virtual reality platform so seniors can “travel” to favorite destinations; Trapollo telemedicine services so doctors can diagnose and treat seniors from the comfort of their own home and  SimpleC, an intuitive touch-screen app which sends medicine reminders and tracks water intake. Visit them online for more information about how you can create a connected home for someone you love!

The Mom’s Guide thanks Cox Communications for sponsoring this blog post.


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