Gas Tax = Less Fun

This mom loves to crisscross San Diego County, chasing fun with my family. The recent 12-cent gas hike and the coming 2018 vehicle registration increase of about $48 per car means less of that.

Some say the tax hikes will cost a family of four an additional $500 a year or more. The new taxes are supposed to be devoted to repairing our deteriorating roads, but for as long as I’ve lived in California there has been much mismanagement of taxes.¬† It’s hard to believe that the money will be well spent. In fact, you can even see within the bill that there are plans to use some of the money for parks, railway projects and to hire new lifeguards. WTH?

That’s why I just signed the petition to repeal the new gas tax. Yes, I want safer, better roads. I wish they could just create a law that did only that with the money. Even better, politicians could start using the money already collected in gas tax to repair roads. Apparently it has mostly gone to other pet causes over the years.

I downloaded the petition to repeal the gas tax from and you can too!

However before I even mailed my petition, I met up with some volunteers collecting signatures at the mall and signed it there. If you’d like to find a public petition signing event, visit¬†


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