Something Special for Kids Touched by Cancer

I have a dear friend with a serious cancer, and I am so worried for her. I’m even more worried about her young children. Everything has completely changed for their family.

While I’m probably not going to do anything other than watch the Super Bowl on World Cancer Day, I have been trying to think of things that I can do to support our friend’s children and other kids who are touched by cancer. I think I found something . . .

Here in San Diego we have at least two different organizations that offer free summer camp for children impacted by their parents’ cancer. They sound like just the type of experiences I would love to help provide — a place where these children can have a great time and feel “normal” for a bit while being supported by the companionship of other kids who truly understand what they are experiencing.

Camp Kesem

Camp Kesem supports children through and beyond a parent’s cancer with innovative, fun-filled programs that foster a lasting community. Driven by passionate college student leaders, Camp Kesem operates more than 70 free summer camps in 33 states.

Here in San Diego, the summer camp is held on the UCSD campus. You can read some touching stories of the positive impact Camp Kesem has on children on their national website.  If know of a family that would benefit from a free week at Camp Kesem, please share this link so that they can register.

If, like me, you are moved to support this non-profit, I hope you will join me at the kid-friendly  Camp Kesem Caterpillar Crawl 5K on February 24th.


The Seany Foundation

Also in San Diego, The Seany Foundation’s main goal is to bring relief and happiness to kids struggling with cancer and to their families, particularly siblings. The Seany Foundation provides a number of camp opportunities including a Sibling Camp July 23rd – 28th and a Balboa Park Day Camp for children with cancer and their siblings August 13th – 18th.

Family Camp in Julian will take place April 6th – 8th. and Family Camp RyanStrong will be held August 24th – 26th where families have the opportunity to enjoy each other over campfires and on hiking trails, to dine on catered meals and participate in a variety of activities all for free.

I’m excited that the Seany Foundation offers  volunteer opportunities in addition to fundraising events including the Annual Seany’s Happy Camper 5K Run/Walk and Family Fun Day.

They say that cancer is a family disease. I hope that you will help me spread the word about these wonderful organizations that might be helpful to families like my friend. Registrations are now open for both the Camp Kesem and Seany Foundation programs. For more information, please visit:


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