Bust a Myth ?

Our family loved the RH Fleet Science Center’s newest exhibit, Mythbusters. Yes, that Mythbusters. The exhibit, based on the popular Discovery Channel series, is a fantastic way to bring science to life.

Can you really pull a tablecloth off of a fully set table without disturbing a dish? (my kids did!)

Does toast always land butter-side down?

What keeps you drier: running in the rain or walking through it?

Is it possible to dodge a bullet?

In this amazing hands-on exhibition, you can put these myths to the test—just as the team from the popular MythBusters TV show has done for years!

– Use scientific observations and your own curiosity to search for the truth behind some commonly held beliefs.

– Explore the Blueprint Room and relive some of the show’s most exciting moments.

– Test your hypothesis in The Workshop and decide whether the myth is plausible, busted or confirmed.

– Catch a live demonstration on the Demo Stage. There are multiple shows throughout the day, and the variables (people) are always changing, so results can change hour to hour!

– Submit your own myths, and you could see them being tested on future episodes of MythBusters!

Mythbusters, the Exhibit, is open daily through September 3rd.

Tickets cost $5 ($2.50 for members) in addition to regular admission

for more information visit: rhfleet.org/exhibitions/mythbusters-explosive-exhibition

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