Easter April Fools

Are you thinking of pranking your kids this Easter? (Which also happens to be April Fools Day.)

If your children are old enough to understand April Fools, you might want to throw a couple of these tricks into their basket!

She’ll think she’s unwrapping a foil covered chocolate egg, but it’s really going to be her least favorite veggie – a grape tomato!


Don’t tell my son, but there will be a certain number of eggs that are super-glued shut. Even more frustrating, they’ll be full of pennies that he can’t get.


The joke might ultimately be on me, but I’ll fill some of their eggs with confetti.


One egg will be filled with money . . . Bunny Money that is!


Do I dare add cat treats to some of the eggs? Sure, why not?!


Last but not least (and, actually, the first prank of the morning!)  . . . jellybeans are not just potty training rewards. 😉

After 2018, the next time Easter will fall on April 1st is 2029 when your kids won’t be kids any longer. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy the double celebration day with them.

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