6 Reasons Rhea Lana is the Queen of Consignment Events

Once you make the decision that your child will be just as happy with a gently used toy, it’s hard to go back to paying retail. Chelsea and I are big fans of our local kids’ consignment stores and events, and we are excited about a new-ish one that just might be the queen of sales . . .

Lauren Aloia is a Southern California native, mom of 1 1/2 (baby #2 is on the way!) and the owner of Rhea Lana Northeast. Her 5th sale is happening April 15th – 20th in the old Carter’s store on Mira Mesa Blvd.  She proudly shares what makes Rhea Lana different from the rest.

“We don’t charge admission,” Lauren says.  “All of our Pre-Sale shopping times are FREE!!! We also quality inspect every item coming into the store so you are shopping the best.”

In fact, it was the quality of the Temecula Rhea Lana event that inspired Lauren to start her own franchise. “It felt like I was in a boutique store but everything was 60-90% off retail prices. I was blown away by the presentation, organization and idea of it all.”

While the shopping experience sounds amazing, it’s the consignor process that truly sets Rhea Lana sales apart.

First, all consigned items are guaranteed against loss. “What this means is if an item is missing when our consignors come for pick-up, we pay them as if it sold. So they can trust us with their very best,” Lauren says.

Consignors can watch sales live– “Our system is totally automated so as a consignor you can see what sold at the very second of our sale,” she says.

Check is ready on pick-up day- there is no waiting weeks after the event for your check. consignors receive immediately!

Consignors earn 70-80% of sales– there is no working a certain amount of hours to hit a certain percentage. Our base percentage is 70% and then, through referrals, consignors can earn up to 80%

Voice entry system–  Rhea Lana is the only consignment event in the industry with an app. “Through this app you can literally speak your items into the database. No typing involved.”

Growing up, Lauren’s mom was a member of a non-profit organization called the Assistance League. All of the proceeds from their thrift store went to clothe needy children in the area. “I grew up working in the store so really saw the value in second hand items. Also seeing all of the families I was able to help was such a blessing,” Lauren says. “I feel like I am able to repeat many of these things through Rhea Lana’s.”

The real Rhea Lana was also a believer in helping others. She started her consignment sales 21 years ago as a ministry and a way for families to sell their gently used items and make some money doing so. Today there are 80 events that bare her name nationwide.

For more information or to register as a consignor, visit northeastsandiego.rhealana.com

The sale takes place April 15th -20th in Mira Mesa in the Mira Mesa Mall, 8290 Mira Mesa Blvd #B.






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