Impossible Science Headed Our Way

For the fourth year in a row the RH Fleet Science Center is hosting its Impossible Science Festival, a hands-on event where kids can learn how to make objects invisible, experience what it’s like to walk on water and explore levitation. There are more than 20 interactive demonstration stations for families to experience.

“The goal of the Impossible Science Festival is to promote education through curiosity,” said Jason Latimer, host and designer of the Impossible Science Festival.

“By exploring subjects that seem impossible but showing how they can be made possible through science, visitors will have a memorable, hands-on learning experience that will blow their minds!”


It’s no secret that we love the Fleet Science Center, but the Impossible Science Festival is just about the best time we’ve ever had there.

The event will take place from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. this Saturday and Sunday in the theater lobby of the Fleet Science Center. Ticket prices range from $21.95 for juniors to $24.95 for adults and includes the festival, Fleet exhibits and one film in the IMAX giant dome theater. Members and Explorer Pass holders enter for free.


For more information about the Impossible Science Festival, visit

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