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Mary is a mom with A LOT of creativity. She turned her passion for designing family Halloween costumes into her work-from-home business and is helping moms like us get creative this time of year . . .


“We love Halloween, mostly because it allows us to be super creative and silly, Mary says. “Each year we think of a new theme and make our costumes around that theme. This has become one of our favorite family traditions.”

On her website,, Mary shares her DIY costume tutorials and other ideas on playing and creating as a family.

What were you doing professionally before you became a mom?

I worked remotely as a marketing designer for a company I loved. It was hard to give up such an ideal situation – great company, great pay, great location. But when our second child was on her way I realized how quickly time had flown by with our first child. I knew I had to make a choice between my job and staying home if I wanted to savor this sacred time with my kids while they’re little. After lots of number crunching to see if we could live off one income in San Diego and getting past all the fears and uncertainty of being a SAHM, I took that leap of faith and my husband and I made it happen.


Tell us about your company, izzaroo.

Originally, I started blogging as an outlet for my creativity. I felt like my identity was being lost after having kids, and I needed something that represented me. As the kids grew older and went to school I had more time to spend building it. I started to think more seriously into how I could turn it into a business. That is when I officially launched our line of t-shirts last year. I love the flexibility of working around my family’s schedule. I started this business as motivation for me to stay connected with my family and share that with other families so they too, can feel more connected.

How do you juggle motherhood with work?

My work revolves around playing with my kids, doing crafts with them, taking them out to explore new places and doing acts of service for our community so in many ways, my mothering and work priorities align. Although, there are many parts of the business that take my time away from family. (and that is when Mom guilt comes creeping in.) I try to complete the bulk of that work while my kids are in school (Monday-Thursday). Fridays are reserved for homeschooling and the weekends are always family days. Recently I started using a great family organizer called Cozi that is helping me juggle all the moving parts of our lives.

What advice would you give to San Diego moms who want to be home with their kids but also make money for the family?

Figure out WHY you want to do it, WHAT you want to do, and the HOW will follow. If it’s something that you really want to do, you’ll find a way to do it. Just be consistent, don’t give up when it’s hard, and it will happen.


If you want to add a little more play and creativity to your family life, check out There you’ll find videos and tutorials for adorable costumes, holiday card ideas, hand made toys and more!

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