You Are Not Alone

It is highly likely that we all know someone who has suffered a reproductive loss, whether through miscarriage or abortion. Maybe it’s even you.


Anonymous postings of feelings by visitors to the website

While it’s women who physically experience abortion and miscarriage, very often the people in their lives are also greatly effected.

Anonymous postings of feelings by visitors to the website

We’ve been dedicating time on our blog to feature San Diego moms who have started their own businesses, and this week our feature is on Michaelene Fredenburg who started Life Perspectives, a nonprofit organization based in San Diego that provides hope and healing for anyone who has been impacted by pregnancy loss through miscarriage or abortion. Michaelene, now the mother of two, suffered silently for years following her abortion at age 18. Now her outreach organization works worldwide to equip leaders with training and healing resources. Life Perspectives invites men, women, family members and friends who have been touched by reproductive loss to begin healing with guidance and support that can be sought anonymously through two websites, and

Reproductive loss touches so many, and not just those who have experienced the loss directly. It affects husbands, boyfriends, parents, grandparents, children and friends. Which is why Life Perspectives organizes its annual Side by Side 5K walk/run. Side by Side is aimed at bringing everyone together to begin the process of healing.

Michaelene Fredenburg at the finish line of the Side by Side 5K

The Side by Side 5K is taking place on October 27th at 10 am at De Anza Cove benefiting Life Perspectives.  The event raises funds to support Life Perspectives services and programs, but this special day also does much more. It lets people who may be suffering in silence know that they are not alone. The Side by Side 5K also provides an opportunity for those who care to show their support in an open and tangible way.

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You are not alone.

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